Hospital of Sick Children Fame - Canada

  • Reading all this info on how in peaces the health system is in Canada, I ponder how true are the claims of having the best hospitals for children?

    18 Nov 2005, 12:46 Anonymous
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  • hospital of sick children - Toronto

    It is THE BEST in the world. Sick Children receives donations, raises funds on its own, etc., so it does not have the pressures of the "sick health system".

    Doctors from all over the world come to Canada to see how it is done @ Sick Children, so it is definitely a model institution.

    Anonymous 18 Nov 2005, 12:31 - Report
  • Not

    My daughter was in the cancer ward at sick kids. The doctors are overworked and the nurses all leave to the USA to get paid over double their salary. Not a world class organization I think.

    Anonymous 24 Nov 2005, 09:33 - Report
  • I disagree - if everything were about money,,,

    I have a very different opinion. The story of nurses (and everybody) going to the USA for better pay is idiotic. Sure doctors are not overworked in the USA... yeah right!

    What about values? The health profession is about making a difference, not just about driving Bentleys.

    I know many many doctors, researchers and nurses that love their work and face the challenges with dignity. If everything in life were about money, we would be screwed long time ago.

    Professionals from all over the world come to the Toronto Hospitals to LEARN. There are very few places in the world with such a large network of hospitals like Toronto.

    So Mr. It is not about "overworking and earning less than in the USA" Please go there yourself and have a "happy life making money and working little hours". Good luck with that!

    Anonymous 26 Nov 2005, 04:14 - Report
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