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  • Top 8 Reasons NOT to Immigrate to Canada

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    8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.
    Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don't qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs - pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

    7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.
    From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

    6. Health Care Crisis.
    Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

    5. Very High Taxes.
    Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it's Canada.

    4. Money Hungry Government.
    Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

    3. No Culture.
    Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some 'Canadian' food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a 'Canadian'. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they 'originally' came from.

    2. Worst Weather.
    Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

    1. No Jobs.
    Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD's, PhD's, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza's or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.

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    Email this to all your friends. Spread the word!!

    08 Feb 2006, 03:30 Anonymous
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  • Disgruntled, Failed Immigrants Surely Spread Garbage

    Misery loves company?

    You can read the bigoted, jaded opinion above...

    Or you can visit:
    and get the Truth!

    Including, leading Canadian news coverage, relocation articles and support, canada photos, city reviews, message boards and even LIVE help chat.

    See you there!

    Anonymous 10 Feb 2006, 04:55 - Report
  • baseless

    These people who comment are like frogs in a well.
    They are commenting wihout out using logic or reasoning and most of it is reported speech.

    Manoj Kumar 14 May 2007, 09:52 - Report
  • Re: disgruntled failed immigrants surely spread garbage

    This poster's response surely tells you what one Canadian view is of immigrants with an opinion. He doesn't like what you say so you are "disgruntled and failed" and your opinions are jaded and baseless. I wouldn't disagree with him if I were you, you may be next...

    exiited disgruntled successful Canadian emmigrant 11 Jan 2008, 04:18 - Report
  • Its hard to understand from Away

    People from around the Globe see the Marketing and gets attracted towards Canada, and what real Canada is one can only see by coming here.

    I feel sorry for people who do not understand from others mistakes rather want to jump into the well to see how deep it is and then they cant come out of it.

    I tried to tell the same story to somebody and advised him not to come to Canada and his reply was you are a lazy ***** and doest want to work hard and may be a dumb **** that why i am saying Canada is not good.

    So people will not understand and will keep coming to Canada. They should be left on their destiny.

    my advise is ask your best friend before coming to Canada, what he is doing for last 2-3 years and how much money he has saved over these years.

    then jump in.

    Annony 16 Mar 2008, 05:49 - Report
  • why people wants to come in canada

    after reading u r not canada.com i feel that why people want to go in canada inindia every person say to other canada is good for earning that is right or not i do 't know but their facilites r good rather then india
    india has too much cruption in these days people who live in india is also not happy these types of problems r also here so y can ;ot take decious after reading this web cite

    jaspreetfoodcraft935@yahoo.co.in 22 Dec 2008, 02:48 - Report
  • simply

    it is simply and normally for each country has good and worst,but this is thrully for immigrant doesnt have canadian local experience will be more diffult to find jo according their field

    erick 26 Jan 2009, 06:48 - Report
  • Canada is not for the colourful people !

    All colourful people are treated as 2nd, 3rd class citizens. The good jobs, human rights, justice, blah blah blah are there to protect the pales only. "No canadian experience" is but a good term to make immigrants work as slaves for the pales. If you still dont believe, go try it out!

    CANADA=TRASH 13 Mar 2009, 05:53 - Report
  • Thank you...

    Hi friedns,
    Thank you for all those who made comments. I am actually planning to mmigrate to CANADA but i need to reconsider now. Every pale dominated country is like CANADA. It is really up to the person(immigrant), how he would like to spend is life. I am sorry to hear so many immigrant could not make upto there qualifications. I see similar conditions in Denmark.

    Sai 14 Apr 2009, 02:06 - Report
  • Do Not Immigrate

    Home is always the best place to be!! It's particularly true for colourful people migrating to the beige world and immediately be treated as inferior people. So dont immigrate, live in your home country with dignity and pride!

    Home The Best 10 May 2009, 03:13 - Report
  • BS

    i live in canada and its great here wat all u guys say is bs coming out my asshole

    johny 29 May 2009, 12:18 - Report
  • Idiots

    Canadians are well-known for their denial characteristics. They're brain washed in school and by the media that everything of the country is great and that nothing can be wrong including all the rubbish policies designed by the pales.

    NN 06 Jun 2009, 04:03 - Report
  • It is not the pales my friend, it is the system.

    I am a pale europian descent immigrant, educated in Canada, and after 11 years of being here, I am rethinking of moving back home since I can not find a jobs in engineering anymore.(All gone to china, india, and mexico). All savings are draining. By the way Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where I live, the pale people (White) are minority. Think about it: Brampton = 500000 people, 90% from india, Scarborough = 500000 people, 90% blacks and indians, Markham = 350000 people, 90% chinese, Richmond Hill = 300000 people, 80 % Iran, & Arab countries, Midtown of etobicoke, 40-50% Jamaicans and so on.

    We are all in this hard to live and work country called Canada. High taxes, high unemployment, very high divorce rate, zero genuine time for family, stressful materialistic society.

    Canada has been a waste of time = even BASc.ME here does not get me a job, no matter how hard i try. 10 Jun 2009, 05:18 - Report
  • Dont Go to Canada

    The system is being dictated upon by the original Anglo saxon pales to protect their children and decendants

    Sad people 24 Jun 2009, 07:28 - Report
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