Legal requirements

Getting an RUT number

Legal requirements

For expats in Chile, there is no way around the infamous Rol Único Tributario (RUT) number. The RUT is a tax ID number for foreigners, similar to a social security number in other countries, and is required for a lot of bureaucratic steps.

Why you need it

The RUT number acts as your ID number in Chile and needs to be presented when:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a phone or internet contract
  • Buying or selling a car
  • Buying or selling property

How to get it

To obtain a RUT number, you need to go to the local Servicio de Impuestos Internos  (SII) office. Whether you are an official Chilean resident or just visiting on a tourist visa, it is possible to get a RUT number. The steps you have to follow differ depending on your residential status.

Expats with an address in Chile

If you have an address in Chile, you are able to get a permanent RUT number. You will need to fill in the F4415 form and remember to bring along details of your current address, your passport and a copy of your passport.

Initially, you will be given a temporary RUT number. Your permanent RUT card should arrive in the post to your address within three months. During this time, you are able to use your temporary RUT number to carry out transactions such as purchasing cars or property.

To avoid complications, it is advisable to stay at the address that you stated whilst waiting for your permanent RUT number to arrive.

Expats without a residence in Chile:

To get a temporary RUT, you will have to visit the SII to get a copy of the form F4415.1. You need to fill out the form with the correct information.

Once you have filled out the correct document, you will need to find a local Chilean who is willing to sign the form for you. This person will be acting as your sponsor to get the RUT.

You then need to go to a notary with your sponsor to sign the paperwork together. Once the document has been signed by you and your sponsor, return to the SII to hand in the form and bring along your passport, a copy of your passport, visa and a photocopy of your sponsor’s Rol Único Nacional (RUN) card.

You will then be able to collect your temporary RUT card. Initially, this will just be a stamped piece of paper. The official permanent documentation will be sent to the SII within 2 months for you, or your sponsor, to collect.

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