Renting a car in Chile

The requirements

Renting a car in Chile

Although Chile boasts an efficient bus system, it is worth renting a car for work or leisure purposes or for short-term stays. Renting a car, especially in rush hour, can help you beat the traffic jams quicker than taking the bus.

Renting a car in Chile is relatively easy and most companies will happily rent you a car within minutes. Both manual and automatic cars are usually available at most car rental companies but there may be significant price differences between the two. However, it is important to make sure you have the relevant documentation to avoid trouble with traffic police.

General requirements for car rental

In order to rent a car you need to be at least 21 years old, hold an international driving license and have bought insurance (many companies do not provide this).

Before driving you need to make sure the car has a registration document (permiso de circulación) and must have passed the yearly safety inspection (revisión técnica). You may be asked for your license and registration documents at any time by the police also known as the carabineros de Chile, if you cannot provide them you will be subject to hefty fines.

Rental companies

Here we have listed the four main car rental companies operating in major cities in Chile to get you started on the road:

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