Driving license

How to get a Chinese drivers license

Driving license

International driver’s licenses are not recognized in China. If you want to drive in China, you will have to get a Chinese drivers license.

If you have a residence permit for China, you are entitled to apply for a Chinese driver’s license. Obtaining your Chinese driver’s license requires you to pass the following tests:

  • A physical exam from a Chinese hospital (local clinics don’t count)
  • A written test, which in major cities is available in English. If the test is only available in Chinese, you are allowed to take a translator with you.
  • If you don’t have an international driver’s license, you are required to take a real-life test in the car. If you have an international driver’s license you don’t need to take this test, but you must present the drivers license from your home country and a translation of it.

In order to obtain your Chinese driver’s license, you need to present the following documentation:

  • Your passport with your visa
  • Your Chinese residence permit
  • Your drivers license from home (if applicable) and the translation
  • 4 passport photos
  • Results of your medical exam
  • An application form and the money for the fees

After turning in your documents drivers licenses are generally available to collect after one week and will then be valid for 6 years.

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