Personal attention and advice

The company is owned and run by expats who know and understand what it means to be an expat in China and how to approach financial planning from that position. That experience means they can quickly respond to your questions and provide quality advice based on your requirements for the future and your current situation.

For expats in China, a couple of the biggest challenges include:

  • Healthcare coverage: it is complicated to make sure you have a policy which meets both you and your family’s requirements at the right price. BlueStar AMG presents different options based on your needs.
  • Further education costs: many expats in China send their kids to Europe or North America for further education.

BlueStar AMG can help you plan ahead

Providing a wide range of services, including:

  • Investments: building a portfolio to make your money grow
  • Pension planning: for a retirement free from financial worries
  • Life insurance: peace of mind
  • Foreign exchange: cost-effective international transactions

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