Expatriate marketing

Marketing to expatriates - how to reach the expatriate market

Marketing to expatriates - how to reach the expatriate market

Marketing to expatriates is a challenge, as they are hard to reach through traditional advertising channels or by using standard techniques and messages.

Due to the increase of international migration, the expatriate market segment has become an important target for many companies across different sectors, and there are more and more companies running specialized expat marketing campaigns.

United Nations statistics put the worldwide number of international migrants at 191 million in 2005. Western Europe has more than 20 million registered expatriates and unofficial data puts this figure much higher.

A person moving country normally needs somewhere to live and a job, then when they arrive they have a range of immediate needs, such as banking, telecomms and health insurance. The expatriate market also offers many business opportunities for specialized service providers such as international lawyers, language schools and money transfer providers.

Why target expatriates?

  • They don’t know you, they don’t know the local market, they have not been watching local TV, reading papers, looking at outdoor advertising – you are invisible to them.
  • They have the same needs as normal consumers and a good proportion are high-net-worth and are less price sensitive than the local population.

How to market services to expatriates?

  1. A tailored offer to their needs will attract their business.
  2. Many expatriates do not fluently read the language of the country they are moving to, so you may need to address them in a language they understand and accept. Although many speak English as a second language, they will prefer their mother tongue.
  3. Understand that many expatriates are lost when it comes to selecting services in a new country. The first – and in many cases the most important – step is to inform people about the different products and services available

Where do you find expatriates?

Before they arrive, they are literally everywhere – every country in the world – not an easy target to hit. When they arrive, they are less likely to view television or read a local newspaper. Traditional media are not very effective as they don’t reach this audience.

Finding the right expatriate media

The market for expatriate media and expat marketing is highly fragmented. For some of the recent trends, best cases and industry studies, you might want to check our industry news for expat marketing .

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