Where to go

List of hospitals and doctors for cases of emergency

Where to go

It is always good to know that a country you are visiting has good medical facilities like hospitals and general practitioners. The following list gives you some ideas of where to go in case of an emergency.


Any foreigner who is temporarily in the country has the right to receive medical attention at hospitals and clinics in case of an emergency, sudden illness or chronic disease. Costa Rica boasts a modern and renown medical health system, under the administration of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS).

Hospital San Juan de Dios. . . .222-0166
Hospital México . . . . . . . .232-6122
Hospital Dr. Calderón Guardia. .222-4133
Hospital Nacional de Niños . . .222-0122


The majority of the hotels have contact with a doctor. In
Costa Rica there are public and private hospitals and clinics that have 24-hour
service, seven days a week.

The following medical services can be consulted:
Clínica Católica . . . . . 225-5055
Hospital Clínica Bíblica . 223-6422
Clínica Santa Rita . . . . 221-6433
Centro de Intoxicaciones . 223-1028
Red Cross. . . . . . . . . 221-5818

Important Phone Numbers

Emergencies . . . 911 (Metropolitan area)



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