Costa Rica’s private schools

Paid-for education in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s private schools

There are lots of private schools in Costa Rica, many of them bilingual or catering specifically for international students.

Like most other countries, both public and private education are available in Costa Rica, each offering many benefits as well as pitfalls. When choosing a school either for yourself or your children, it is important to know that there is a disparity in attendance and grades between public and private schools. It has been found that the percentage of students failing in private schools is much smaller than the percentage of students failing in public schools. But, it always depends more on the individual than on the school system.

Private schools generally follow the public school year and timetable, although as some private schools use a more North American or European education system, this may differ. In fact, there are several North American schools, as well as French, German and Japanese schools. International students studying at private schools may also be given the opportunity to take exams from their own countries, such as SATs. Courses are generally shorter than public school courses because they don’t include the mandatory liberal arts courses.

While it remains free to attend public schools, families still have to pay for books, uniforms, food and sometimes transportation and other extra fees. Private schools are of course more expensive, but there is a bit more leeway with the curriculum, and students will probably be in smaller class sizes. Private schools have actually made a massive contribution to the success of public schools due to the fact that their popularity has meant that public schools are less crowded.

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  • James, 26 May 2012 Reply

    why is it that Costa Rica looks soooo good on paper but only on paper?

    From personal experience I have realised that in CR one thing is what is printed and another is reality. Frankly reality does not resemble all the wonderfull press CR gets. It seems that comentators cherry pick the goodies and make out that its all generalised. Health care, education.... how wonderfull they are, NOT so! Oh, why no mention on the situation of insecurity in CR, which is rampant! My POINT is that there is no balanced press on cr it is eaither angry gringo hate talk or commercially driven propaganda to lure as many foreigners here. Point of thought, if the CRn quality of life is so good then why does every CRn family have multiple family members in he USA or EU????? Be carefull with your choice!