Moving in

Household management & utilities

Moving in

When you move into your new house you might find a lot of things work differently in Costa Rica than at home! This article deals with the most common issues you will be faced with. Look at the forum for more tips on how to make your household management easier.

Property Taxes

Property taxes have to be paid at your local municipality. The property tax is calculated as a percentage over the declared value of your property per year. This percentage is 0.25%. Contact the local office to find how payment should be made.


The costs of electricity are approximately US$ 0.10/ KW. Your monthly costs will range according to your usage. Calculate around 30 dollars a months on your electricity bill. Electricity supply in Costa Rica is managed by the ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Costa Rican Institute for Electricity).

For cooking gas is often used. Gas tanks are sold at supermarkets and neighborhood suppliers. A security deposits for the tanks has to be paid.

Depending on where you live you will have a water meter. Rural areas are often more dependent on wells although the government is trying to install water supply throughout the country. If you have a water meter, a cubic meter of water will cost around US$ 0.25. Water is regulated by the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos & Alcantarillados, AyA, the Costa Rican Instituto of Water and Sewerage.

Telephone is discussed in more detail in the telephone chapter. Currently the telephone company in Costa Rica is still state owned. Getting a telephone line installed is very difficult so make sure that a telephone services is already installed and available if possible.

Internet is discussed in more detail at the Internet chapter. The options for Internet connections depend on where you live, and include dial-up, ADSL and cable.

Paying Utilities
Utilities can be paid in several ways. You can do so by passing by at the corresponding offices, although is can be very time consuming. However, the most convenient option is paying online.

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