Work Permits

When and how to apply for them

Work Permits

The main problem with finding a job or getting a work permit is that you need one to get the other. Employers require you to have a work permit, but you can only get one if an employer supports the application.

If you want to apply for a Work Permit, you must be a resident in Costa Rica so we recommend you to make the needed procedures to apply for a temporary residency as soon as possible. You can get all the information about it in the section "Visas and Permits". 

Moreover, in order to apply the following documents have to be submitted in Costa Rica:

  • Application Form.
  • Letter explaining why do you apply for the work permit in which you also indicate your full name, nationality, age, occupation, current address and place or mean for notifications.
  • Receipt for the payment of 125  ¢ and 2, 5 ¢ for each page that you hand out with the residency application. The applicant must pay for it and include his/her name.
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Receipt of fingerprint registration issued by the Ministry of Public Security
  • Receipt of consular inscrition
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record from your native country or the place where you have been living for the past three years. Copy of the migration document to demonstrate that you were a legal resident of said country.
  • Certified copies of each page in the passport
  • Statement of Employing Company. This statement should indicate what functions will be undertaken by the applicant, the length of the contract and the salary.
  • Legal Constitution and Registration Documents of the company.
  • Certification of the Costa Rican Social Security Institution. This statement proves the company or the employer are registered and have no outstanding monetary obligations.
  • Proof of income, balance and result situation issued by an Authorised Public Accountant
  • Statement of Insurance Company. It should indicate that the insurance for the worker is duly paid

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