How to get internet connection at home


If you want to get internet connection, you can check with ICE Group (Kölbi or RACSA), with Tigo (Former Amnet) or Cabletica, the most important companies for home internet. In this section, we'll see the different possibilities in general. 


Here you can find a comparative list with the general services by each company. For more information, you can check the website of each one of them. Renting the modem is usually between US$1 and US$2, depending on the company. Some of them, like Kölbi, offer services of free sms sending by email. 

Kölbi offers internet from 512Kbp (US$15,9 per month) and up to 10 Megas (US$98,9 per month). Renting the modem is US$1 per month, For other prices, check in the website of ICE Group, or just click here   

Tigo offers internet from 1 Mega (US$16,95 per month) and up to 10 Megas (US$90,95 per month). For other possibilities and prices, check their website in the internet section: 

Cabletica offers internet from 512 Kbp (US$15,9 per month) and up to 15 Megas (US$123, 85 per month). Renting the modem is US$2 per month. For any doubts and questions: 

RACSA offers internet from 256 Kbp and up to 4 Megas but it is much more expensive than the other. What is interesting about RACSA, is that it has open Wifi for free (for the moment, they are testing) in different spots of the country, usually malls, libraries and parks. It is called . It also has two different contract services: Internet por cable módem (internet through modem cable) and Internet WiMax. You can check prices and conditions on 

These are the usual conditions to contract internet: 

  • No debts with ICE
  • Show your ID card or passport
  • Show a temporary residency permit
  • Show you refugee permit, retired permit, or other special permit.

Internet Cafes

Internet cafes are popping up all over Costa Rica and they are not the only places where you can get internet access. The postoffices and the Central RACSA office in San José and the ICE office also offer internet access. Public internet rates start at around US$ 1/ hour but speed can be very low. Several hotels, apartotels, hostels, etc also offer internet service to their clients.
One important thing to keep in mind that internet cafés and calling centres are places frequented by tourists. Pickpockets know this very well. At all times keep a close eye on your belongings!

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