Business Partner/Manager needed in Costa Rica!

  • Looking for a business partner and manager located in Costa Rica for a new start-up business. Interested parties please email me at:

    20 May 2009, 10:30 VRED
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  • New Start up

    What type of business is this?



    Matthew Kotovsky 16 Jun 2009, 05:28 - Report
  • business partner

    Hello what kind of business?


    Carlo 24 Jun 2009, 11:29 - Report
  • Business Network

    The ultimate goal of ITALBANGLA srl is to build a network of production, sales and services oriented business units that make a fair profit by providing total solution in the area of Garments and special product is to identify customer needs and hello them achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently through turnkey solutions.
    We combine and develop a wide range of high quality products and services in our business activity i.e., marketing, sales and distribution activities to anticipate and satisfy all customer needs. As we have vast experience in this garments trade and we are pioneer of garments manufacturing from the early export from Bangladesh,india & our local market Italy

    To actively expand our role in Garments Industry by providing latest technology and premium quality product to all of our valued customer all over the world.we are selling stocklot .
    Customer Satisfaction forms the cornerstone of our marketing philosophy. Product and services are backed by comprehensive guarantee/ warranties and supported by efficient staff. To further ensure an efficient and consistent level of support, this team is equipped with the latest products in line with company’s objective of providing the premium in service support and promoting customer satisfaction.
    Please feel free to contact
    Our website
    Email :


    SAYED 10 Jul 2009, 06:20 - Report
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