Croatia’s top-ten must see list

A pick of the top destinations and attractions

Croatia’s top-ten must see list

Here are ten top destinations and must see attractions that Croatia has to offer.

  1. Walk along the walls of Dubrovnik. Built during the medieval ages to safeguard the town from enemies, the walls are now referred to as the pearl of the Adriatic. Facing south you will be confronted by the crystal clear blue of the Adriatic Sea.
  2. Explore Croatia's largest national park, Plitvice Lakes. The national park spans over 300 km of forested hills, 30 lakes and countless waterfalls. It is beautiful to visit in both summer and winter.
  3. Drive along the coast from Dubrovnik to Zadar. The Dalmatian coast is arguably one of the most scenic routes in the world, as every turn takes your breath away as you will be sandwiched between the clear adriatic sea and the wild mountains of Dalmatia. Then visit the historic city of Zadar.
  4. Visit the Amphitheatre of Pula. The arena is the only arena in the world to still be entirely preserved and it’s among the six largest Roman amphitheatres on the planet. It dates from between 27-68 BC and it must be visited along with the city of Pula itself. If you have time, visit the nearby Brijuni national park, an idyllic location often visited by world leaders.
  5. Enjoy a “slow food” meal. This is all about taking fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and enjoying them slowly. Not only is the pleasure taken in the ritual of eating but the meal is usually paired with fitting wines so there is plenty to enjoy!
  6. Visit Diocletian’s Palace in Split. The Roman emperor Diocletian built this palace ready for his retirement in 305 AD and it is now on the UNESCO world heritage list. There are over 220 buildings within the palace’s boundaries and the cellars make up a market where local products are sold. It therefore still serves the purpose it was built for as it is still lived and worked in, along with bars and restaurants, it makes for a perfect historic attraction.
  7. Visit the city of Rovinj and take part in the festivities. Rovinj is a hugely visited city in Croatia due to its many cultural sites, and during the summer it is host to many outdoor festivities. Street parties, plays, concerts and street art exhibitions all take place in the outdoor sea air. The summer events are concluded by a three day city-wide festival and impressive firework display. Go join in the fun!
  8. Go scuba diving off the island of Mljet. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and diverse marine life make for fantastic scuba diving and even if you have never dived before, you can take an introductory course for roughly 250-300kn (33-40€).Mljet is a national park and it will astound you with beauty, if you ask to be taken to Odysseus Cave you will be overwhelmed by the vast array of unique and colourful fish.
  9. Take a stroll around the capital Zagreb. The capital is arguably the best city in Croatia despite the concentration of tourism to the Adriatic coast. Beautiful architecture, a huge number of museums and galleries, excellent restaurants, a lively café culture and some lovely parks and gardens all make Zagreb an essential part of any visit to Croatia. Take a rest by experiencing špica, a pre-lunch coffee in one of many outdoor coffee shop terraces.
  10. Hike up and around Mount Medvednica. You can get a tram up to the top of Mount Medvednica, which overlooks the capital, Zagreb, where you will find many activities such as hiking and bike-riding, and even skiing in winter . An added bonus is that from the top you will experience sensational, panoramic views of the city.

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