Lease contracts in Croatia


In Croatia there is no standard length for renting contracts, and there isn't a maximum deposit.

There isn't any rent control in Croatia, so rents are freely agreed between you and your landlord. The same happens with the duration of the contract, although usually contracts are a year long. After the contract expires it is automatically renewed for the same amount of time, unless you or the landlord notify in writing 30 days before.

The lease contract (ugovor o najmu) must contain:

  • the parties of the contract
  • a description of the flat/house leased
  • the amount of rent and means of payment
  • types of living expenses to be paid, and the means of payment
  • the tenant(s) information
  • duration of the lease
  • rules of maintenance of the flat/house
  • rules of the common areas
  • rules of the hand over of the flat/house
  • other premises of the building the tenant may be using (garage, laundry room, etc.), and the additional fee that must be paid (if applies)

You cannot make changes to the house/flat, common areas and devices without previous consent of your landlord. You must also inform the landlord of any necessary reforms or mending in the house/flat and common rooms, and he must pay for those reforms.


In Croatia, there isn't a maximum deposit. Landlords usually ask for a one or two month's deposit. If the contract is a long term contract, landlords may ask you to pay for up to three months' rent in advance.

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