Looking for work

How to find a job in Croatia

Looking for work

Finding a job in Croatia can be rather difficult. You can look in the sectors that are booming, such as exports, tourism and real estate.

Other jobs that have a shortage of professionals are: architects, civil engineers, doctors, foreign language teachers, IT engineers, maths teachers, mechanical engineers, and physics teachers.

It is normally easier to find work in the largest cities such as Zagreb or Dubrovnik, although tourist-based industry is rather located along the coast and on small islands.

The largest companies which recruit on a regular basis are Adria-Mar, Bluesun Hotels, DM Drogerie Markt, Holcim, iN2 and Puljanka. International companies also hire foreigners. For more companies, try Kompass , the Croatian Chamber of Economy , or the Croatian Homepage Business Directory .

Government employment services

The services offered by public employment agencies are free of charge. They are run by the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. Offices are organised on three levels: central, regional and local. They provide a list of available jobs in the country, as well as job mediation services, vocational guidance, and provision of financial support to unemployed persons.

All unemployed foreigners are entitled to sign up to the job seekers registry. Once you have done so, you will not only receive job offers, but also state-financed health insurance and social security contributions. Both your qualifications and health condition are taken into account for potential jobs.

For more information go to www.hzz.hr .

Job Websites

Job portals have become a very popular and efficient way to get an overview of the positions available in Croatia. They enable you to check on the job situation before you come to the country. Most local job websites are in Croat, but there are some internationally operating job portals available in English.

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