Getting connected

Setting up a fixed phone line in Croatia

Getting connected

The Croatian telephone network was recently deregulated to conform to European standards. The market is now free and alternatives to T-com, the largest operator, have sprung up.

T-com is no longer a government company, but still owns the majority of the lines and connections. Your service provider will therefore most likely be T-com.

Fixed line contracts have a minimum period of 24 monthsstart and start from as little as 1 Kuna per month. However, line connections are very expensive (over 500 Kuna in 2010).

Contracts usually do not include any calls, charging per minute instead. Note that fixed line phone calls are very expensive in Croatia.

Alternative fixed line providers include: Optima Telekom, Portus Telekom (H-1), Iskon Broadband Telekom. Competitors charge a monthly fee (for line rental) as well as per minute.

Overall, fixed phone telephony in Croatia is very expensive, and many people prefer to use mobile phones.

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