Private Health Insurance

Private health care in Cyprus

Private Health Insurance

If you aren’t covered by the Cyprus social security system, you must take out private health insurance.

Even if you are, you should consider doing so; most Cypriots and foreign residents who can afford it take out private health insurance, which offers a wider choice of medical practitioners and hospitals, and more importantly, frees them from public health waiting lists. If you already have private health insurance in another country, you may be able to extend it to cover you in Cyprus.

When buying private health insurance, choose a company that will pay large medical bills directly. Most private health insurance policies don’t pay family doctors’ fees or pay for medication that isn’t provided in a hospital, or charge an excess (deductible), which often exceeds the cost of treatment. Most will, however, pay for 100 per cent of specialist fees and hospital treatment. The insurance market in Cyprus is highly competitive and sophisticated and there’s a huge range of both Cypriot and international insurance companies offering policies.

It’s impossible to give reliable price information, as premiums and conditions are constantly changing in this highly competitive market. Due to the enormous diversity of cover, it’s essential that you research the market thoroughly before you decide on a policy. Generally, the higher the premium, the more choice you have regarding doctors, specialists and hospitals. There may be an annual surcharge for those over 60, which increases with age, and supplements for certain services such as basic dental treatment or for pregnant women. You may be able to obtain a discount if you accept a larger excess value.

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