How to get internet access in Cyprus


Internet access is available in Cyprus via ADSL, Dial-up and Wireless connections. It is now common for ISPs to offer bundle packages, combining telephone, internet and TV for competitive prices.

Cyta  (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) and PrimeTel  are the leading service providers on the island. However, competition is emerging from other sources:

Cyprus Broadband have created a useful website  that compares the costs and services of each provider in Cyprus.

To connect to the internet at home it is necessary to have a land line installed. This can be done by contacting Cyta by telephone or by heading to one of their shops. Installation should take no longer than a week.

Internet Cafés

Cyprus has many cybercafés, and, thanks to the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority, the Western coast of the island will soon have access to free Wireless internet.

Internet or Cyber cafés are a very convenient for short-term residents in Cyprus. Each café will have a different system, but you usually pay for your credit on entering the establishment. The normal cost is €1 for one hour access yet some cybercafés can charge up to €2.50. Internet cafés will often offer printing, photocopying, scanning and telephone services also.

If you live in Paphos and the surrounding area and own a computer, relying on cybercafés and spending money on home ISPs should be a thing of the past. Cyta aims to give a large part of this area free Wifi.

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