Employment Contracts

What they entail in the Czech Republic

Employment Contracts

Most jobs in the Czech Republic are based on an employment contract, with the exception of jobs that do not last longer than one month.

The employment contract has to be in writing and the employee has to receive a copy. It has to include the details of the type of work you are going to do, including the place of work and the first day of work.

The salary does not have to be included in a Czech employment contract. If it is not included in the contract, however, there has to be a separate agreement stating the monthly income.

Your Czech employment should also include specific agreements on business trips and a consent to process your personal data. If the contract does not specify the employee’s rights and obligations, you have to be informed about them in writing within one month of the start of your employment.

A probational period at the beginning of a new job is very common in the Czech Republic, even for executive positions. If the employer requires a probation period, he has to specify that in the employment contract. The maximum length for a probation period in the Czech Republic is three months. Within that time, the employer can cancel the employment contract without being bound to dismissal protection. The probation period can not be extended after it has already started.

Termination of employment contracts

An employment contract in the Czech Republic may be terminated by agreement, notice, immediate termination or termination within the probationary period. The notice period is two months for all employees regardless of their length of employment or their age.

The employer is obliged to discuss any intended redundancy with the trade union organization. However, the consent of trade unions is necessary only for their members.

If the employee does not meet requirements for performing the job he can be laid off only after having received a warning within twelve months prior to the redundancy.

Single parents with children below fifteen, disabled workers and those with occupational disease cannot be made redundant unless the employer ensures their new employment. Severance pay is also uniform for all employees. The minimum is two months salary, but collective agreements may increase this with no upper limit set by law.

Fixed-term employment contracts

Fixed term employment contracts may only be concluded up to the maximum period of 2 years in the Czech Republic. Afterwards, only unlimited employment contracts may be entered into between the employer and the employee.

The same time limit applies for extending employment contracts or starting a new contract with the same company unless there is a gap of more than 6 months between the end of the previous contract and the start of the new one.

Fixed-term contracts end on a date specified before the start of employment. They become permanent contracts when the employee continues working with the consent of the employer.

For employment that does not last longer than one month, no employment contract is needed at all.

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