Economic opportunity

Why start a business in Denmark?

Economic opportunity

The Danish business industry is characterised by minimal bureaucracy, high education and strict tax laws.

The Danish business system focuses on the free exchange of goods and attracts many investors from the UK, who see Denmark as an optimal investment choice. The Danish marketplace offers strong purchasing power, easy access for foreign investors, wide use of the English language and temperate inflation.

The most favourable business areas in Denmark are: Education, media, food and beverages, mass transit, and giftware. Aside from these sectors, investor opportunities are vast and many more investment areas can be found.

In addition, Denmark is one of the greenest countries in the world in terms of aesthetics and ecology. Where most European countries still leave their carbon footprint  and pollute the environment, Denmark rarely causes any damage  when generating energy. Approximately 10% of the country’s energy is created and expanded by the use of wind turbines which line Danish roads and fields.

The high economic growth and low unemployment rate makes the Danish economy one of the best performing economies in the EU. Low interest rates have increased private consumption in Denmark and provide a wide range of investment opportunities for new and seasoned investors.  Denmark fully participates in the economic collaboration of the European Union, however it is not yet a member of the European Economic and Monetary Union.

All together, Denmark is a very attractive destination due to its stable economy. Moreover, it is an optimal place for foreign investors. With the right idea, any expat can become part of the economic success story of this Scandinavian country.

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