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Gourmet restaurants in Copenhagen

Danish food

In 2012, Copenhagen restaurants have again received a large number of Michelin stars making it a great destination for foodies and travelers alike.

The Danish capital currently holds 14 Michelin stars and maintains its position as one of the most popular gourmet cities in northern Europe. Copenhagen is also home to the world's best restaurant, Noma . Noma has been named the best restaurant in the world three years in a row.

In the latest edition of the world famous French Michelin-guide  following Copenhagen restaurants were awarded stars in the guidebook:

Noma A two Michelin star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi . Noma describes their approach to cooking as concentrating on obtaining the best raw materials from the Nordic region. The chef states, “It's about nature, people growing food, being close to food. Connecting with organic farmers, working hard to maintain a healthy ecology, the utmost deliciousness ties in with this.”

Located on the ground floor of a renovated listed 18th Century warehouse in the old district of Copenhagen, the restaurant's fittings and furnishings aim to create a traditional Nordic atmosphere. This two Michelin star restaurant does its own smoking, salting, pickling, drying, grilling and baking, prepares its own vinegars and concocts its own distilled spirits such as its own eaux de vies (fruit brandy)!

Geranium Offers a variety of refined international dishes. The menu is 70-80% vegetables – accompanied by great fish and chicken options as well.

Grønbech & Churchill Located near the beautiful citadel and the harbor, it offers great food, wine, location, and service. There are two menus with four different courses. The waiters were very helpful, kind and laid-back and added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Relæ Said to be Copenhagen’s number two (next to Noma) restaurant, one reviewer said, “Kim and his staff looked after us from the moment we arrived, explained every dish in detail and made the whole dining experience one not to be missed.”

Restaurant AOC Aarø & Co. You will find pork and other fancy vegetarian options among the small but potent menu  options - there should be at least something for everyone.

Restaurant Herman in Nimb In its own little universe, Nimb houses a bar and grill, hotel, a Brasserie, a French bistro at Nimb Terrace, and a huge selection of wines in Nimb Vinotek.

Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder Located in central Copenhagen inside a historical building. A rave review and an amazing-sounding sample menu can be found here .

Era Ora Italian-style restaurant with a great wine list.  If you’re lucky, you will be waited on by the owner’s son, Michel.

Søllerød Kro Over 300 years old, this restaurant’s menu usually lists a handful of seafood dishes, meats, cheeses, and a few mouth-watering desserts.

Kiin Kiin This is the only Thai restaurant in Scandinavia to receive a Michelin star. The menu showcases a variety of spicy and sweet, surely not to bore the tastebuds.

Kokkeriet Located in a beautiful old building in the charming area of Nyboder, you will find more meat-based dishes on this menu, all listed with an appropriate wine pairing.

Den Røde Cottage The cottage is hidden inside the forest and is located close to the water. The chefs themselves often do the serving, so you get a better idea of the love and care going into each dish.

Bib Gourmand restaurants in Copenhagen

The following Copenhagen restaurants have achieved the Bib Gourmand (awarded to restaurants which serve excellent food at reasonable prices):

Le Sommelier A French restaurant and winebar (with a huge wine list) that will keep the homemade bread coming throughout the evening. A medium-priced menu, but plenty of options.

Restaurant Kanalen Seafood, steak, salads and desserts are found on the menu. The restaurant is in a tiny house, candlelit on the inside with white lights outside and is located along the canal.

Famo The Famo menu is set with only a few main courses, but worth it. You will have to book in advance for this Italian-focused delight.

L'Altro Gives a rustic Italian vibe via both the food and the atmosphere. According to a foodie review, “...here wines are paired with spinach tart, chicken liver on crostini, gnocchi with fresh tomatoes and zucchini and basil pesto, mozzarella de bufala with tomato, basil and artichoke, "carpaccio-style" veal with balsamic sauce, thinly sliced eggplant stuffed with tallegio, lentils, pork cheek and polenta, tallegio cheese and honey, and finally (the most heavenly) tiramisu.”

Frederiks Have A smaller neighborhood restaurant that is a welcomed change from the more touristy spots. The "Menu of the Month" is a popular choice, with or without wine. Three to five course options and ratings  are quite high as well.

Kødbyens Fiskebar The name translates to Fish Bar, so you will know what type of menu to expect. Some positively reviewed items have been the trout tartar, blue tip mussels, and of course a fish and chips option. Wine was local and raved about, but portions are small so don’t worry about over ordering. It’s located in a recently trendy warehouse district, which is reflected in the decor.

Restaurant Mêlée Featuring authentic French bistro cooking that is based on fresh ingredients and classical techniques. Only seats about 48 people, so book ahead of time if you can.

Søren K Named after Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, menu items change frequently but the chef never cooks with butter, cream, or high-cholesterol cheese, making it a healthy as well as flavorful choice.

Skovshoved Hotel A 5 minutes’ walk from Bellevue Beach in Charlottenlund, Skovshoved Hotel dates back to 1660. The hotel’s à la carte restaurant offers both Danish and international dishes. Previous menu items have included traditional Danish open face sandwiches with homemade liver paste, homemade rolled seasoned meat, herring with homemade garnish, tartare, all served with the special twist of the chef, Rasmus Kjær.

Orangeriet Kongens Have Located in a glass hall, overlooking a park, Orangeiet offers the perfect sunny Sunday afternoon lunch.  Simple dishes but with great flavor include open-faced sandwiches, main courses, cheeses, as well as a decent wine list.

Enomania A little wine bar and Italian restaurant combined. Enomania is composed of two words derived from Ancient Greek: ENO, meaning wine and MANIA from “Mani”, which denotes an incurable form of insanity. So, in this case a incurable need for wine!

Marv & Ben A more laid back and younger sibling version of the more famous Noma restaurant.  A small menu describes features meat, seafood, and other items geared more toward the adult palet.

Restaurants and rankings can also be seen on the Visit Denmark website .

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