The Danish education system


The Danish education system provides a very high standard of education and is free to all children and university students living in Denmark. However, some university students from abroad might have to pay tuition fees.

Schooling in Denmarkstarts with the option of pre-school or kindergarten for young children. This is followed by primary education which will then lead on to secondary education. After the age of 16 students continue their education with one of the following courses:

  • General and vocational upper secondary education programmes, which prepare students for higher education.
  • Vocational education and training programmes primarily aimed at preparing students for a career in a specific trade or industry.

There are also alternative options for parents who wish to send their children to private or international schools in Denmark.

Pre-school and nurseries in Denmark

All children in Denmark under the age of 6 are able to enrol in a child care centre. In general these centres are found in local institutions, though you can also find programmes run by your municipality that take place in private homes. If you would prefer your child to attend a private programme, you can post an advert in your local newspaper or online.

Child care at this stage is subsidised by your municipality and parents need only pay roughly a third of the fees. Most child care centres have specially trained staff to attend to foreign children.

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