Property purchases

Who can purchase property in Denmark?

Property purchases

EU citizens are entitled to purchase property in Denmark without prior permission, though confirmation must be provided that the property will be used for residence all year round.

Non-EU citizens must gain approval from the Ministry of Justice before they can purchase any property in Denmark and must also confirm that the property will be their residence throughout the year.

If you have lived in Denmark for a minimum of five years you do not need a residence permit in order to purchase property. EU nationals who are working in Denmark do not need a residence permit to buy property in Denmark either. Non-EU citizens must have a valid residence or business permit in order to purchase property in Denmark.

Summer houses in Denmark

There are some restrictions on purchasing property in and around the popular coastal areas in Denmark. These are aimed specifically at foreigners buying summer holiday homes, especially Germans looking for a second home.

Many Danish summer houses are in decent condition and are suitable for living in the winter time as well. However it is only possible to live in the summer house in the winter time if the house has an all-year-round residence status.

Shared ownership and private limited ownership

It is also possible to enter a joint ownership agreement whereby you own a share of the property. Some non-resident foreigners decide to purchase their property in Denmark by setting up their own limited company. Forming an ApS (Anpartsselskab), a Danish private limited company, will enable you to buy property in Denmark in the company’s name. However, buying property this way involves a significantly greater amount of paperwork and administrative tasks.

Buying land

You can buy a plot of land to build a house yourself, though the maximum size of the house would need to be agreed in advance. You should liaise with the municipality of where the land is located to get more information about building licenses.

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