Car insurance in Denmark

Getting the right cover

Car insurance in Denmark

Motor insurance is a legal requirement for all road users in Denmark and any vehicle needs to be covered before it can even be registered.

The minimum cover that must be in place is third party liability cover. The other type of insurance in Denmark is comprehensive insurance which covers damage or loss to the vehicle; although this is not compulsory the majority of car owners in Denmark opt for this form of insurance. If the vehicle is old, however, it is usual to just take out third party liability insurance.

Danish insurance cannot be purchased for a car that is still registered in another country. Therefore it is important that after importation a car is registered correctly. See the article about Importing a car to Denmark for more information.


As with motor insurance in any country, it is best to shop around in Denmark and contact numerous companies for quotes. Here are some insurance comparison websites (only in Danish):

Most providers will also have their own policy regarding no claims discounts, so make sure to do your homework.


In the case of a traffic accident it is the police you call (112) in the first instance. If possible be sure to take a photo of the scene for insurance purposes. A claim must be made within 6 months of the date of the incident.

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