Expat job market

How and where to look for a job

Expat job market

The Dominican Republic has a fast growing economy attracting increasing numbers of expats to work there. In the past, this country was a major exporter of sugar, tobacco and coffee. However, tourism has become one of the most important sources of employment today.

Even though looking for a job can be a difficult task in a foreign country, it is possible to be successful in Dominican Republic since Dominican employers are flexible when it comes to hiring foreigners with particular skills.  

Local newspapers

An effective way to look for a job is to look through the local newspapers. The largest local newspaper is Listín Diario that advertises a wide-range of posts. It even has a classifieds section  on its website so you can have a look before you move. Job ads can be found in the classifieds section, under “Empleos” or scattered throughout local newspapers.

Advertisements also appear in English, German, French etc if you are looking for a non-Spanish speaking job. It is possible in Dominican Republic to find work without any Spanish knowledge, though your search may well be limited. Finding a job in the tourist industry and international businesses might be easier for expats with multiple languages.


If you speak Spanish then networking can definitely be an effective way to find a job. Tell your friends and acquaintances about the fact that you are job hunting. Dominicans are very helpful in providing possible leads. If you have time to meet people, they might have a list of contacts that can help you.

Better paid jobs

Expats should check out the job market before they arrive in the country. This will help you get an idea of what’s on offer, set your salary expectations, and give you possible leads.

Contact companies in the Dominican Republic with speculative applications and make sure you tell them if you have a firm date for your relocation. The only downside is that the majority of the companies prefer you to be relocated already and many won’t consider your application unless you are already in the country.

Recruiters might pay you more when you apply from abroad.

If an employer offers you a very low salary, it does not mean that this is the standard salary because your pay depends on multiple factors for example your language abilities.

Employment agencies

There are several employment agencies in the Dominican Republic and the majority will require you to bring your resume with a 2x2 photo. Usually you don't have to pay anything for this service since agencies charge companies for referrals.

Teaching English

The Dominican Republic is a tourist destination and there is an increasing demand for spoken English within the tourism industry, therefore English teachers are needed especially in poorer areas.

There are three main types of English teaching jobs.

  • International schools: the majority of international schools are located in the larger cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo. They typically follow an American curriculum therefore American teachers are prefered and primary teachers are needed for elementary-aged children who are learning English at a basic level.
  • Volunteer work: English teachers are needed in low income areas for young students learning beginner level English. You will need a basic level of Spanish in order to help in the classroom. Not only English will be taught but also sports, art, music and so on.
  • Government sponsored jobs: The Ministry of Higher Education hires English teachers for university students. The majority of the students have a little background in English language education.

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