Finding a property

How to go about your search

Finding a property

There are a few ways of looking for property in the Dominican Republic, including online - though it’s always best to go and explore the island first so you get an idea of where you want to set up.

If you Google ‘Dominican Republic property’ you’ll find that the list of selling sites is practically unending.

These are some of the ones worth looking at:

Make sure you’re prepared to tackle the market before you begin your house hunt - do some research on what you can get for your cash, give yourself a budget, and look out for any renovation work that needs doing.

After you’ve done this, it’s worth contacting estate agents in the Dominican Republic and setting up a few viewings. It’s essential you see the property before buying, as scams can and do occur. If the estate agent recommends a lawyer, make sure they are charging a reasonable amount for their services. The more Spanish you can speak, the easier this process will be as non-Spanish speakers can sometimes be charged higher rates. If you do speak some Spanish, show it off as much as possible.

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