Learning Arabic

Tips &Tricks on learning the language

Learning Arabic

In order to identify with the Islamic culture and appreciate their values you should consider learning Arabic, the official language of Dubai. The ability to communicate with local people will greatly improve your experiences and understanding of the country. English is also widely understood, and especially important as the language of commerce.

Arabic is a complex language, and will require dedication in order to grasp its concepts. Distinct regional dialects complicate this issue further. However, it is by no means impossible. We suggest that you browse our numerous tips so as to understand what learning a language involves.

The internet

Hundreds of websites are dedicated to learning Arabic, whether they provide online tutorials, vocabulary, or language exercises, they are worth exploring. In anticipation of your move the internet will most likely be your first port of call. It enables you to investigate Dubai before your arrival, and begin your language acquisition. However, it cannot substitute real dialogue and the benefits of actual conversation with native speakers are immeasurable.

Visual and audio aids

Simple daily habits such as watching TV or listening to local radio stations will gradually improve your understanding of a language. It may seem futile at first, however you are unconsciously progressing and it will enable you to perfect your pronunciation. Furthermore, by observing the media you will develop your cultural and social knowledge of Dubai.

Language courses

There are a variety of language courses available, which consider your personal requirements. Local Universities and specific language schools offer competitive rates, and the teaching can be flexible or intensive depending on your availability. A structured and taught programme is an excellent choice, especially for beginners, since learning a language requires time and discipline. You may also consider relocating earlier, in order to complete an intensive language course before your proposed employment or study begins. The language skills you acquire will prove invaluable in day-to-day life. Furthermore, the classes will enable you to meet a variety of people that are in a similar situation to yourself.

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