Moving to Dubai

Why do you need an international bank account?

Moving to Dubai

There are many advantages to opening an international bank account, particularly if you’re moving abroad and have financial links to the UK, run a business that trades in different territories, or are a frequent traveller who regularly loses out on exchange rates at the Bureau de Change.

Thankfully these days you can do your banking abroad without switching to a foreign bank that may not fully understand your requirements. Opening an international bank account with a name you trust can give you peace of mind, particularly if you have the comfort of having English-speaking staff available to you 24/7… When you’re miles away from home and trying to get to grips with a completely new way of life, removing the hassle of trying to deal with your finances in a second language, means one less thing to worry about.

With the major currencies available in international banking, you can choose to bank in Sterling, Euros and US Dollars - allowing you to pay bills and standing orders in local currency within these currency zones while avoiding exchange rate fluctuations.

Multiple currency banking gives you greater flexibility when travelling and saves you money by helping avoid exchange fees – just keep it in the currency you deposit it in and exchange it when you’re ready. This also allows you to withdraw cash from any ATMs in the local currency without incurring exchange charges.

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