Buying property in Dubai

Real estate projects beyond your imagination

Buying property in Dubai

Dubai is becoming one of the most popular destinations for those interested in high-end super exclusive property. With the recent development of multiple overwhelming real estate projects like The World, Palm Island 1 and Palm Island 2 people are starting to realize that Dubai is top of the bill.

Dubai has the highest amount of inhabitants in the United Arab Emirates and is the second largest Emirate. Dubai is famous for its exclusive property development projects, the one and only seven star hotel in the world and its widely recognised high standards of luxury.

The stunning Burj al Arab is probably the most well known real estate object in Dubai. It is situated majestically at the oceanfront overlooking both the city and the ocean. This extraordinary building was designed and constructed by Atkins and attracted the world’s attention, placing Dubai firmly on the property development map. Dubai is now also known for its high standard of luxury.

Nowadays there are multiple world famous real estate projects in Dubai, either completed or under construction. Anyone interested in Dubai will have heard of impressive projects such as ‘the Palm Islands’ and ‘The World’. Both are real estate projects enabling you to buy your own exclusive property. These properties offer you the opportunity to create your own dream whilst surrounded by a stunning environment.

Although the properties are not cheap, there is a lot of choice between different kinds of housing developments. Apartments, villas, townhouses or ocean front properties are all available, each with its own distinctive style of architecture, inspired by different cultures. Needless to say, all feature state-of-the-art amenities.

But there is more. Currently a new skyscraper is being erected in the centre of Dubai. The Burj Dubai will eventually reach an estimated height of 808 meters making it the world’s highest skyscraper. It is hard to imagine how imposing such a massive building will look, not even to mention the view you will have from the upper floors.

If you are interested in buying property in one of these real estate projects you can fly to Dubai and find your way to the estate agencies that are involved in these projects. Another method is using the internet and exploring the various possibilities. In doing so you will be better able to decide what you are interested in, what the best opportunities are, whom to contact and what to consider when interested in buying property in Dubai. Many real estate agents in Dubai will offer you a flight and accommodation when seriously interested in viewing the property of your interest.

Explore, find and enjoy the best life has to offer. Dubai is state of the art real estate.

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