Rental Costs

How much does renting cost in Dubai?

Rental Costs

Rental costs vary enormously for villas of different sizes, some with swimming pools, others without, and between old and new apartment blocks, in good, bad and indifferent locations.

Since 2005 housing prices have almost doubled in some parts of Dubai, although as of 2015 have started to drop. Dubai's rental costs are on a par with those in Geneva, one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Short-term lets are charged at a higher rate than longer ones. Serviced apartments are available in all states, although not widely, and cost between 30 and 50 per cent more than unserviced apartments; services normally include cleaning, laundry and linen-changing.

Monthly rent

Even though the rental costs fluctuate considerably according to the neighborhoods and size, be ready to pay at least 3,500 AED (870€) for a one bedroom apartment outside the city centre, or between 5,000 AED (1,245€) and 10,000 AED (2,500 €) per month in the centre. The average price for a three bedroom apartment in the city center is around 14,400 AED (3,580€) and 10,070 AED (2,520€) in the suburbs.

Extra expenses

Air-conditioning might be included in the rent or be charged separately as part of your electricity bill. If there's a communal gas tank, gas is usually included in the rent. Otherwise, you can buy gas bottles. Other utilities will be separate. (Water is usually charged as part of the electricity bill). You should check these items at the time of negotiation and on the contract. You or your sponsor must also pay a deposit against damage to the property or to items of furnishing provided.

Note also that some states impose a local tax ( baladiya) on property to cover expenses such as refuse collection and road maintenance. Whether the landlord or the tenant pays is one of the matters to sort out in the contract, although normally the property owner bears the cost.

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Other comments

  • Mohammed, 09 July 2008 Reply

    Prices incorrect

    These prices are very, very outdated,, I cannot even remember when the prices were like this.

    right now as an example, a studio in Sh Zayed costs around 80k , 1 BR is 100 - 110 k , and build according to that

    • vks 20 Jul 2008, 10:02

      cheap rent

      In which location houses are cheaper
      please help about this matter

    • Damian from Australia 23 Jul 2008, 06:40

      New Prices

      I am considering moving to Dubai and would love an up to date and realistic idea of what I can expect to pay for a one bedroom apartment, no further than 30 mins away from Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai. Can anyone offer me realistic prices as a guide please?

    • Anon. 30 Jul 2008, 08:31


      Agreed, the prices have gone up by roughly 50% or so.

    • Harjit from UK 30 Aug 2008, 01:25

      Rent Prices

      I agree that you should expect to budget 80k AED pa for a studio and up to 120k AED pa for a spacious 1 bed apartment. There is not much variation in prices in premium areas such as JLT, Marina and Sh Zayed Rd. There are plenty of 50k AED (or less) studios in Intl City, but you get what you pay for and this area is not to my liking (poor location and much lower standard of finish).

      As a general tact I would look at any tower that has just been completed as many of these investors will be renting out their units so a huge volume of apartments will come to the market all at once. I have seen some landlords offering their apartments to rent by as much as 5-10% less just to get a quick tenant. This was the case in Damac's Lake Terrace in JLT.

    • Michelle 31 Aug 2008, 11:43

      Accommodation in Dubai

      You could find a one bedroon apartment on The Palm with not a good view for 120K. One beds in the Marina start at 120K.

    • possible expat from italy 02 Sep 2008, 03:00

      How about a villa with a swimming pool would cost

      I am negotiating an employement contract to be an expat in Dubai. I will bring my wife and our baby with me. I would apreciate if any one give me a hint about housing negotiation. How about a villa (small size not a huge one)with a swimming pool in a good neighbourhood would cost

    • Paul 14 Sep 2008, 01:44

      Do these prices are for one month's rent?

      Is Dubai so expensive at rent? I was thinking to move on soon, but whit a salary of 12k per month how would I pay 120k for rent?...

    • william 20 Nov 2009, 05:42

      large studio for rent 55000AED per annum

      Don't worry Paul rents are quoted in AED not GBP, so 120k is in fact 20k in english money.

      I have a large studio (506sqft) separate bathroom, kitchen complete with cooker and fridge (brand new)in THE CRESCENT built by DAMAC in IMPZ (off emirates road) equidistant between emirates mall and ibn battuta mall.
      the area is very nice and the built high specs.
      the swimming pool, jacuzi, tennis court, barbecue, children's play area... are very nice & convivial.
      Dubai is an amazing city. best wishes.
      William (England).

    • Fatima 28 Mar 2010, 02:15

      Can a foreign Muslim woman work and live alone?

      So if the rental cost is not correct, so what about working women? I'm going to take "fashion designer" courses Insha Allah,then i'd like to move to Islamic country because it's becoming very complicated in Europe for Muslim woman, to get a work you have to take off hidjab,and you know it's very difficult for single woman,she needs to work.They have social help,but it's never enough and it's not forever,the social organisation obliges you to study,and you miss a lot of prayer times,SubhanaLLah! So my question is: can Muslim woman work in Dubai if she's completely alone,is she allowed to work? And what is the risk? And if she gets a job can she work in niqab?

      P.S.To move to Muslim country where everything is inturrupted for prayer and you can wear niqab,and no policeman will stop you and will ask you: "show your face and the id-card", it's my dream if only my sisters from Islamic country knew how happy they are!!!

    • Maria 19 Jun 2011, 02:11


      Dubai is a free country, you can work there being single muslim woman wearing niqab. no body can stop you from performing prayers and for your dress.

  • Chris Chrysanthou, 23 July 2009 Reply

    Rental Costs. How much does it cost to rent in Dubai?

    Wrong! Dubai rentals have fallen by about 50% in the last year. There is no way that the Dubai cost of renting is at a par with Geneva!

    • Eirini Papa 25 May 2010, 02:17


      i agree with u chris!i last visited dubai in February 2010 and the cost of renting has drop seriously...though the economic crisis...and more...
      please update your info dear Just Landed!happy
      thank u so much!

    • Zakaria 24 Oct 2012, 01:33


      Is there any of you where the employer pays the bill of your habitat?
      Because i see that everyone is paying his bill