Where to live in Dubai

  • Hi, I am moving to Dubainext month, can anybody tell me which is the nicest area to live in?

    10 May 2006, 01:02 Anonymous
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  • dessert


    Anonymous 05 Jun 2006, 07:02 - Report
  • how to live in dubai?

    to live with dessert is really nice in desert. isn't it? earlier reply needs to be really appreciated.

    Anonymous 04 Jul 2006, 09:58 - Report
  • dubai

    well al jumeirah is the best place you can live in
    and dubai marina as well it's up to your budget work location and everything don't worry you will find many fabilous apartments ..... if you need any help.... just ask

    Anonymous 19 Jul 2006, 10:58 - Report
  • RE: Living in Dubai


    Are you looking to rent out or looking to buy a Freehold Property?

    Also, are you looking for Villas or Apartments.. with how many bedrooms, living area etc.. Please furnish some info so that I can help you make the right decision.

    Please send me an email at: for further info.


    Anonymous 19 Aug 2006, 09:06 - Report
  • hello

    i think the best place to live would be on The Palm Jumeirah! but the houses are like 5-10 million dollars

    Anonymous 08 Oct 2006, 03:47 - Report
  • I need help too


    Theres 2 of us (British male) who are looking to move into either an Appartment or Villa in Dubai straight away. Perferably furnished. Willing to share. We both work in Al Garhoud so within 20/30 mins of there would be great. Budget is around AED 2000-3000 Max. Please help? Contact me through my E-mail: Cheers


    Anonymous 09 Oct 2006, 11:56 - Report
  • Need a place to live

    I am an indian and going to come to dubai in first week of jan.Need shared accom. in dubai.please help me out with expected rent and area of living.My mail I.D is

    Anonymous 23 Dec 2006, 10:18 - Report
  • house wanted

    Hi, Would you know how much I should expect to pay (rent or buy) for a family house (3-4 bed) in a very good area in Dubai. All what I find on the web is flats and appartments. Any chance of finding a spacious house?
    I'd highly appreciate your advice.

    Anonymous 29 Dec 2006, 09:23 - Report
  • Nicest area

    Really depends what you want. Some nice villas in jumeirah, The Marina will be nice(Still alot of work going on there), and somewhere like The Springs is very popular.


    Anonymous 07 Jan 2007, 12:37 - Report
  • reply to house wanted

    You can definitely find very large villas in Dubai but be prepared to outlay lots of big bucks (from AED150,000 up to AED250,000 easily). Rents have gone up phenonmenally in the last 2 yrs. if you have a family, where will the children be attending school? This is a very important factor to consider as the traffic problem worsens. good luck

    Anonymous 14 Jan 2007, 07:23 - Report
  • Search an 1 bed apartment Dubai

    Dears, I will appreciate, if provide me a contact to find a 1 bedroom apt. I work in Duabai Airport free zone, can live also in Sharjah.
    Wishing all the best, happy

    Anonymous 07 Feb 2007, 04:11 - Report
  • need jobs

    I am looking for a job as Computer Operator or any office jobs. I am honest, puntual, sincere, inteligent. I am a under-graduate and Computer Diploma. I am ready to do job anywhere in UAE.I HOPE GET ME A WORK VISA IN DUBAI KINDLY REPLY ME SOON I WAIT YOUR REPLY.
    YOURS FAITHFULplease send me information to my email id -

    Ravi Kumar Bhati 18 Feb 2007, 06:33 - Report
  • how much is it actually?

    i would to know how much is the actual monthly rent
    if the price stated is lets say dh100k?
    does it mean dh100k for each month? each year? or an istallments that will stretch to the amount mention?
    can somebody please explain to me how it is done?
    would really appreciate it!

    my email is

    scared 27 Feb 2007, 01:31 - Report
  • living in dubai

    I am a german student and going to come to dubai from 11 march to 22 april.Need shared accom. in dubai.please help me out with expected rent and area of living.

    sandroking 05 Mar 2007, 05:45 - Report
  • Housing...


    i am Sven and i am going to come to dubai for a duration
    from the end of march till 4 th of october and i am looking for any flats, apartments or also flat share very immediately!
    So if anybody could help me or know a solution for me please contact me under:

    Sven 19 Mar 2007, 03:31 - Report
  • Looking for a studio/single bed room flat in Rashidia

    I am in dubai and wrking in airport T 3. I need to find a place to stay in Rashidiya, it will be appriciated if you help me to find a place.


    Ramesh Nair 25 Mar 2007, 12:37 - Report
  • Rent House

    I am looking for a 1 BHK/Studio house near to DWTC. I will be moving to Dubai by end of April. Please let me know the avialability. I am also open to share with any body.

    Balaji 27 Mar 2007, 07:40 - Report
  • 1BHK apartment wanted in Dierra

    Hi i would be moving to dubai from mid april with my wife ..we frm india ...budget around 2500 AED..plz email me at

    sunil 02 Apr 2007, 11:19 - Report
  • 2BHK wanted somewhere near sheik zayed road/satwa/jumeirah/barsha

    Can anyone please guide to find a 2 BHK flat or villa in any of the above mentioned locations.
    We are executive bachelors willing to stay together and our budget would be around 100,000/annum maximum

    Lingesh 08 Apr 2007, 03:44 - Report
  • Dubai Marina

    Hi, I will be moving to Dubai in June. Can someone please help out in finding a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina or Greens? My budget is up to 75,000. You can contact me at


    S 16 Apr 2007, 07:19 - Report
  • rent appartment in dubai nearby internet city

    i am planning to move dubai next month. kindly do me a favour to suggest some good rent property in my budget is approx AED 5000.my email is

    Bhavik patel 20 Apr 2007, 12:17 - Report
  • info on housing

    try www.dubizzle.com loads of house shares, rentals etc on there.

    shane 23 Apr 2007, 08:23 - Report
  • Do you Thing its better to live in hostel with Neet and clean room every day

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    Dubai Hostel

    Dubai Hostel 06 Jun 2007, 12:00 - Report
  • Renting

    Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I are looking into coming to Dubai in January. Can anyone tell me which areas we can look at to stay in, what a fair monthly rent would be and so on. My email is


    Karen du Toit 15 Aug 2007, 01:59 - Report
  • Hi

    I am a local am the only last local alive in dubai needs help plz. just wanna have small room to stay in for my life

    native local! 27 Aug 2007, 12:40 - Report
  • flat / sharing villa needed in Rashidia

    I ve got my office at Ras Al Khor. I m finding it so difficult to come from Sharjah to RAK daily. I would be so grateful if you could help me get a flat / sharing villa in Rashidia / Ras Al Khor. I ve got my family here (with a 2 yr old kid).

    My e-mail ID:
    Mobile: 7461190

    Anonymous 28 Aug 2007, 04:24 - Report
  • Accomodation

    I am planning to move from Saudia to Dubai next month. I need accomodation near Ras Al Khor area near Rashidiya. Please if any body can guide me for sigle room rent for a couple.

    Fahad 26 Sep 2007, 08:49 - Report
  • Wanted: Accomodation

    Hi there,
    Two Irish guys (early-mid 20's) just after moving to Dubai and currently looking for accomodation. We work in the Crowne Plaza commercial tower so would be looking at anywhere in the surrounding areas...if anyone knows of anything that might suit - sharing an appartment, villa, etc please let me know at . Cheers!!

    Irish guy 04 Oct 2007, 07:56 - Report
  • home

    looking out for a suitable single room with a kitchen annex or a appartment preferably in nice location for a middleclass construction officer. 2Km away from the Dubai capital. Hoping to rent out immidiately, pl contact with monthly rent and advance payment.

    vasu 10 Oct 2007, 01:28 - Report
  • Housing in Dubai

    We are a family of 4 considering a job opportunity in Dubai, wondering what area we should live in, how much we can expect to pay for a 4-bedroom house, & what international school is the best. Thanks for any help!

    K 19 Oct 2007, 03:25 - Report
  • looking for apartment (near to Media City)

    Hi, I will be moving to Dubai in Jannuary. Can someone please help out in finding a 1 bedroom apartment close to or easy for Media City? My budget is up to 75,000. You can contact me at


    Cesare 21 Oct 2007, 09:00 - Report
  • Rented accommodation in dubai

    Hello Dubai friends!
    I am Indian, soon moving to Dubai. looking for rented aprtmnt 1 B/R for family of two. Budget 2500DR-3500DR. PLs mail at .

    Atish 26 Oct 2007, 06:11 - Report
  • Which area?

    I'm thinking of moving to Dubai and I'm not sure which area to look in. Is there a central area where all the companies are? I won't be getting a car so I would want it to be fairly close to work. Can you recommend an area for me? I will be sharing accommodation with a budget of around 6000 per month.

    Natalie 07 Nov 2007, 12:39 - Report
  • Need a room preferably with internet


    I am visiting Dubai on 10th and am looking for a room, preferably with internet, in city limits.

    Let me know at

    Kashif 07 Nov 2007, 02:07 - Report
  • I need some advise

    Hi I am Faisal. I am planning to move Dubai. I am looking for one bed furnished apartments in dubai.

    kIndly Guide me most suitable rental with locations.

    my email Id is

    My cell no is +923222624787

    I hope to hear some quick help soon.

    wish you all best of luck

    S. Faisal Shah

    Syed Faisal Shah 15 Nov 2007, 11:48 - Report
  • family room required lessthan 1500AED


    Newly arrived dubai, i am planning to bring my wife and 1 1/2 yrs baby, i need some lowest cost rooms, my work place dubai invst. park

    pls let us know anybody about family rooms

    Maddy 28 Nov 2007, 09:51 - Report
  • family room require

    newly arrived in dubai.

    workplace is DIP, budget is lessthan 1500aed

    pls help me to bring my family (me + wife + baby)

    madhan 28 Nov 2007, 09:55 - Report
  • I bedroom furnished/unfurnished flat International city


    I am relocating to Dubai in March 2008 and am looking for the above

    P.Gold 03 Dec 2007, 11:13 - Report
  • Looking for accommodation prices in Dubai

    Hi all,

    I am considering moving to Dubai in Feb 2008.
    I will be working near Knowldege village and would like to live nearby. My budget is about Dhs3500 per month.

    Anyone with any details please email me on

    I have to make my decision by 7 December so urgent help would be appreciated.


    Hazel 04 Dec 2007, 01:00 - Report
  • Where to live in Dubai

     Languages:

     Curriculum vitae

     status:

    Name: EL AMRANI
    First name: Youssef
    Date of birth: 03/04/1981
    Birthplace: Fez
    Marital status: Single
    Address: 7 rue jbel tizin talghamte hay narjiss "D"
    Tel: 035 617373
    Cell phone: 011 99 29 92

     Qualifications:

     Degree specializing in painting at the ITA narjiss
     Diploma in conventional and decorative painting
    (FACOP "Company"blunk.

     General knowledge:

     The interior decorative painting
     Wallpaper
     Drawing
     The enduisage
    Arabic: kindergarten;
     French: basic concepts;
     English: basic concepts;
     Italy: basic concepts;

     Leisure:

     Internet;
     Sport;

    el amrani youssef 06 Jan 2008, 09:40 - Report
  • Moving


    I am moving to Dubai in 2 weeks and am looking for a place in Dubai Marina or Greens area. It would be nice to get a furnished apartment that is a one bedroom or a studio. My budget is approx. 5,000 dirham a month. You can contact me directly at .

    Thanks for all your help,


    pras 14 Jan 2008, 06:34 - Report
  • Accomodation near Etisalat towers ( sheikh Zayed Rd)

    Hi We need toe flats a 1 bhk and a 2 bhk near etsalat towers ...our budgets are abt 90k for 1 bhk and 115k for 2 bhk

    If any body can help pls call 0501891262 0r 0501891263

    Hardip Marwah 19 Jan 2008, 06:48 - Report
  • schools

    please could you help with the schools in dubai

    susan 22 Jan 2008, 11:19 - Report
  • Accomodation to Rent or Buy

    I hope you are all well.
    I am looking for a 1 bed apart to buy or rent, location sheike zayed rd.
    please e-mail me. Thanks for your help.

    sohail 03 Feb 2008, 03:13 - Report
  • Villa in Jumeirah


    im looking for one room preferably in a villa in jumeirah or albarsha(attached bath).i will move to there from March. budget around 4000-5000

    please get back to me at:

    Pengi 03 Feb 2008, 03:31 - Report
  • 750 Dhs for Room Rental

    Hi, I will be moving to Dubai in July. Can someone please help out in finding a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai ? My budget is 750 Dhs. You can contact me at

    Mae Rem 05 Feb 2008, 03:33 - Report
  • beautiful flat

    I'm European with Arab origins and just moved to dubai. Looking for someone very clean to share my apartment first on a monthly base. You will have your own single room. I am travelling a lot. Would be good if the person can take care of the apartment cleaning etc.. Apartment: 2 big rooms, satellite television, Internet, Swimming Pool, Gym 24 hours security . Please contact me on my email:

    samir 05 Feb 2008, 05:59 - Report
  • going to dubai for 1 month

    hi, i am going to dubai next month and i am looking to rent out and apartment or a villa for around about 1 month and it has to be 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom with 2 single beds my budget for the whole month for accomadation is 9000 dirhams please email me at if you no any good places to stay

    wasim 09 Feb 2008, 10:27 - Report
  • Need one bedroom Apartment

    Hi I am moving to Dubai towards the end of this month. I need a one bedroom apartment for a period of one year. Single or two cheques is fine. I am looking for the apartment in Greens, Bur Dubai or similar areas. My office is in Technology Park.
    I hope I may get some help through this forum. Thanks for reading my post.

    Shan 13 Feb 2008, 11:05 - Report
  • Sharjah accomodation

    Hi all

    I am moving to Dubai, mid next month. I am looking for a shared accomodation in Sharjah, which would cost me not more than AED 1000 per month. Can anyone be of help to me please, with regards to specific available accomodations?

    Sameer 17 Feb 2008, 11:29 - Report
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