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    E-Aalim.com is the leading online institute for teaching Classical Arabic, Tajweed-ul-quran and Shariah over the internet worldwide and provides courses for 32 countries around the world. All classes are taught using the latest conference technology of sound and a graphic. Students are able to chat their teacher, chat with their classmates and actively participate in class using a set of interactive tools such as raising their hand, asking a question, or practicing their Arabic on the whiteboard with the teacher. All lessons are displayed in PowerPoint presentations and are recorded and kept on our server. Students can access the recordings directly from their accounts and review past materials from any computer. This allows them to go over difficult subjects or make up a lesson in case they missed a class

    The program brings Middle Eastern teachers who live in the Arab countries directly into your home. All of our teachers are certified educators and are experts in teaching Arabic as a second language and have Ijaza to teach Tajweed. The majority of the teachers have taught Arabic or Tajweed in Muslims leading universities, which are the world's best institutions for Arabic and Tajweed language tutoring.

    We offer 3-month courses with variety of different timings to suit you time schedule. The program includes weekly meetings in small groups of 7-10 students, and homework assignments that are sent by the teacher after each lesson. The program consists of 5 different levels from complete beginners to highly advanced students.

    For more information, visit http://www.e-aalim.com

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