Being Gay in Middle East

  • I hear it is very hard being gay in the middle east - I got a job offer but am reluctant to go - can anyone give more info about such a situation? Is Bahrain better than Dubai in this regard?

    26 Aug 2008, 10:15 Zak
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  • Me too

    I'm a gay girl wondering the same thing. I guess I could put my personal life on hold for awhile but geez...

    Gina 03 Sep 2008, 01:36 - Report
  • Me also

    I am heading up from sydney for at least a year - did u guys get any other feedback?

    Alex 18 Sep 2008, 01:44 - Report
  • Yes it is a problem

    I am straight, but have been in Dubai my entire life, I will be honest, it won't be a problem if you don't show it in public, people arn't too comfortable with two people from the same sex holding hands or kissing in public, that could get you in trouble, as Zak mentioned, yes Bahrain is better then Dubai for a situation like this.

    Carl 18 Sep 2008, 03:21 - Report
  • answered in bahrain

    "Dubai is quite open, there are bars and clubs even, but you probably wouldn't want to do any public displays of affection. I don't know about bahrain, it's a very small country and you might get bored quickly but it's cheaper to live in than dubai but I would assume they are more antihomosexuals"

    But I don't agree with Carl, where did you get the idea that Bahrain is more open? The people are more strict, it's a tiny country and the people are more religious so you'd get more extremists.

    But like Carl said, I wouldn't see how it would be a problem for you unless you display it publicly

    Anon 09 Oct 2008, 05:14 - Report
  • Answer from Dubai

    I have been living in Dubai since Jan 2008 and I am gay. Dubai is probably the most liberal in the middle east. BUT.....homosexual practices are illegal in the UAE. ie.....keep it to yourself.....or between your partner (partners????) and yourself. For the younger can find the popular clubs and it can be seen there. Though...not that overtly. There are rumors flowing about about police going undercover trying to entrap people....but hard to confirm this as this is not something that will appear in the media. It's a bit more difficult for us guys in our 40s......not so much into the clubbing scene. With expats being about 80% of the population....a gay man can adjust here (Dubai that is).

    Bahrain??? Hate commenting on something I know nothing about....but a friend visited there during September (Ramadan) and the newspaper advised anyone caught eating in public while the fast was on could face a year in jail. On that note.....I am kinda thinking that Bahrain will not tolerate homosexuality. Keep in mind it's Dubai's intense desire to attract tourists and the large number of expats here now that lends itself to being a little less strict on homosexuality.

    Ken 11 Oct 2008, 02:54 - Report
  • Think about it long and hard!

    It is quite clear that being gay in a muslim country is not accepted. You need to choose what is more important your career or being yourself. Personally I would choose myself and would hate to live or even work in a place that doesn't accept me for ME. Do you really want to live in hiding? Unless you can give up or try to give up men over the span of time that you are there, because if you are caught with one, and it has been known that even people caught in private, and the police do go in to bust people in hotel rooms and other private places, they face sever punishments. That is something that you probably don't have to worry about where you live now. The decision is up to you and it is a serious one so I urge you to think long and hard about it.

    Sam 20 Oct 2008, 01:48 - Report
  • Abu Dhabi

    Hi all. I am in AD til the end of the year. Is there anything worth visiting in AD for gay men? If not is there anything to note in Dubai? I am interested in Bars, Beaches, Clubs & cruising areas. You can email me on [email removed]. Thanks blunk

    Julian Rolfe 22 Dec 2008, 08:23 - Report
  • It's so unfair!

    It is well known that in most middle east countries it's ok for a guy to have multiple women and therefore be as promiscuous as he wants but when two people of the same sex want to be with each other they are punished! I am gay and would never think of living in the middle east because they have a very sexist culture. Also married women often have to cover themselves with some kind of a blanket but the husband can have an harem. It doesn't sound fair to me! I would think twice about going to live there. I am from Argentina and have visited many countries in South America, and USA as well, and I am proud of the freedom we have in the Americas.

    Frank 14 Jan 2009, 06:07 - Report
  • Frank, stop being biast!

    Dubai is not a sexist culture, because they think men are of the same improtance as women. Although they do not agree in Men or Women being gay/lesbien. They find it very disturbing...(and i cannot blame them really).
    The best thing to do i would say is
    1)To stop being gay, otherwise u will live under risk for the period of time your going to work there.
    2)Stay away from islamic countries and practice your homosexuality somewhere else

    LolLol 13 Feb 2009, 06:16 - Report
  • What is prostitution called in Dubai, and is it a severe legal charge

    I am doing reserach for a leadership class and need to know about treatment issues for substance abuse and mental health, and from literature I understand that prostitution with a lot of the workers there is a problem?

    Donnie 10 Mar 2009, 02:33 - Report
  • Dubai and gays

    People need to respect the different cultures of the countries they are visiting.
    Being a “visitor” in a hosting country where you go to work for a period of time for living and enjoy the tax free privilege should at least provoke the interest to respect the country and it’s culture you are staying in.
    Is it fair or not fair to allow homosexuality in Dubai or any Islamic/Arabic country is not our topic here?
    As a visitor you have certain limits of freedom and you need to show respect.
    Imagine what are the messages you are sending to kids and other teenage while showing affection and sexual acts in public? Dubai and UAE in general is very family oriented place.
    Think about the people around you who can be offended of such acts. In the Arab culture, it is not acceptable to show sexual acts in public and we should respect that.
    We are not judging which culture is the best but the point is respect is very important and every one in a hosting country should act within the limitation and mandates offered by the country.
    If you have any disagreements probably it is not your place to be in!!!

    Rola 28 Apr 2009, 07:32 - Report

    Beirut, Beirut Beirut!!
    Forget Dubai, it is the most faux city have ever been to, empty promises, empty soul empty culture. I went to Beirut and fell in love, the hottest men and the hottest gay clubs, 10 of them. Just do have sex in the streets and you are fine.

    John 07 May 2009, 07:46 - Report
  • Beirut

    Yeah me too heard bout this that beirut is more open then the dubai

    Ta ta 09 May 2009, 07:11 - Report
  • why go to Dubai?

    I wouldn't support the Arab hypocresy. They want money and professionals from the west but don't respect human rights, not only gay rights. I heavy campaign in my company against spending a single euro in dubai or any other islamic place. Stay in europe or america where you are respected, regardless of being a woman, a gay man, or want to have a f*ckin beer. The immatureness of those people it's well beyond pathethic.

    rob 18 May 2009, 11:12 - Report
  • gay

    gay guys suck dick

    haha 18 May 2009, 05:53 - Report

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  • gay in dubai

    well i am from england and been gay in dubai is ok yes it does not have the bars , clubs of london but i know lots of gay people here you just do not be in your face about it and you will be fine. hell i have been here 5yrs and still looking for friends so any one would liketomeet for a drink email me on
    [email removed]
    dubai is a nise city to live in go on give it a go.

    take call all

    ian 09 Jun 2009, 02:36 - Report
  • India Better Option

    Dudes move to India Gay relationships are legal there so you'll have no problems there and soon they would also be making homosexual marriages legal there so no worries India's not too far away from Dubai

    Jake 06 Jul 2009, 06:28 - Report
  • India Better Option

    Hi sorry to say i would eat my own leg before i moved to India or go back to the UK

    stew 16 Jul 2009, 02:45 - Report
  • The message I received and the many happy and your message is on the Haana

    I liked your message and read it several times how I felt over the Amaanatk Dear friend I'll call you later

    hamidat mohamed 24 Jul 2009, 11:07 - Report
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