Buying a property in DUBAI

  • Being an expatriate in Dubai, my main concern here are two things: Working Stability and a convenient place to live! for over 5 years I have tried renting for a home. Transfering and relocation from one apartment to another. Finally, I have decided to buy my own place! Now, to start with, I need to find a reliable Real Estate Company that can cater my needs practicality and Comfortability is my requirement. Upon doing some search both in web and through some of my closest friends and collegaues, they have suggested to go with either Eqarat, Dyansty Zarooni or Emmar. I was informed that these companies are the most reliable Real estate Company in Dubai. I ended up to close a deal in Dynasty Zarooni. i found out that their expertise in Real estate and How they dealt
    with their clients satisfactory.

    13 Sep 2008, 10:40 Rachiel dolma
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  • Dubai property

    I found that Parkvale real estate were very good and professional.definately give them a call 04 3416700, i dealt with imraan. BRIllIANT

    Rob Haris 22 Sep 2008, 12:14 - Report
  • better way

    buy directly from the owners

    nastaran 07 Feb 2009, 09:08 - Report
  • impartial and honest is a UK based brokerage company with a selection of properties for sale direct from owners and developers. We will provide you with and honest and reliable service. We have sister company in Dubai who are approved and will close the deal on private sales and provide you with the satisfation of receivinbg the best possible service.
    Contact us at [email removed] or visit online at and register your details and we will be in touch with you.

    irfan 25 Apr 2009, 10:13 - Report
  • Land property

    I would like to sell about 15'000m2 land in Switzerland to foreign investors or private owner interested in buying/living in Switzerland.
    Does someone know how and where to contact potential investors?
    Thank you all.

    A.Berger 25 Jul 2009, 05:04 - Report
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