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  • Dear all,

    I am a first time buyer, living and working in London. I am currently renting but I decided to move on the property ladder. But with interest rates soaring, it is very difficult to take a mortgage and buy a flat (especially in London). As a result, I decided to look for alternative investment in countries such as Cyprus (which is my home country) and Dubai. I am thinking of originally investing GBP100.000 +/- and for a number of reasons (one being tax) I decided to focus on Dubai. It seems that you can get good capital growth and excellent rental yields if you make the right choices at the right time. With a range of properties under construction and numerous off-plans it is really difficult for me to take a decision (especially as I have never been to Dubai myself). Dubai Marina seems to be very attractive but I realise that there are disadvantages too. Also, City of Arabia seems to be a profitable investment with excellent returns in the future. If you were to choose a location which one would you prefer and for what reasons?

    From your experience, can you comment on current situation if someone were to invest in Dubai? If someone were to invest in Dubai Marina, which plot of land would be preferable? Are there any pictures available, recently taken? I would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks,

    22 May 2007, 07:00 Rob
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  • Dubai Marina tends to be expensive

    Dubai Marina tends to be expensive. Plus it has been going for sometime. Look for a location that is close to an area where you expect there to be activity long-term. Dubialand has its obvious attractions what with Universal entering the area, but it will not be a FREE zone as fas as I can see. Look at a FREE zone for tax purposes close to somewhere you will see people wanting to rent accommodation because it is close to something of 'interest' - work, play etc. There are plenty of areas to avoid that have no real incentives long-term. The best areas tend to be a little more expensive but that should pay off in the long run. You can get cheap property anywhere in the world but the question is 'who wants it after you and who wants to rent if you sit on it'.


    Paul 22 May 2007, 07:01 - Report
  • cyprus vs dubai

    Hi Rob
    If you are still looking for an investment I have recently come over from the uk and done the same thing. You can e-mail me on [email removed] for more details.

    Saj 09 Jun 2007, 01:14 - Report
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  • First time investment

    I'm in a similar position to Rob - I have about 100,000 to invest and was thinking about investing in Dubai. Is anyone aware of commercial properties for sale in Dubai (like investing in retail outlets etc) for rent purposes?

    Finally = Rob any luck in investing in Dubai?

    Can email on: [email removed]

    Raj 25 Jun 2008, 10:54 - Report
  • Propertys

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  • available properties


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    SHAFIK 13 Oct 2008, 04:42 - Report
  • private sale cyprus

    hi rob interesting reading i currently want to sell a fantastic 1 bed apt on a quiet exclusive devolpment in paphos cyprus a great investment oppurtunity with excellent returns in rents both holiday or long term for more info please contact me this is a private sale with no agents fees !!!!!!! email [email removed] or phone uk 07742811800

    craig hulme 04 Mar 2009, 10:57 - Report
  • rob hi

    my friend if you check the price of an appartment in dubai now u will c what is going on i hope you haven't buy yet .... this year all the appartments are for sale in half price... this is for dubai .... on the other hand cyprus has a more stady ecnomy land dose not loose its value ... i dont sell i dont buy i live in dubai marina and i thing buying in dubai is risky ....

    annie 12 May 2009, 08:21 - Report

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