Ballroom and Latin American dancing in Dubai.

  • Dear Ballroom and Latin American dancers as well as those who can not imagine life without dance,

    At Step by Step dancing studio we offer Ballroom and Latin American classes in Dubai to students of various ages and backgrounds.

    Classes are based on IDTA (International Dance Teacher Association) syllabus and IDSF (International Dance Sport Federation) rules and regulations. We also do our best to maintain height standards both in Ballroom and Latin American dance fields. Corporate packages, wedding choreography development and personal training is included in the list of services we offer, so you may get more detailed information about classes giving us a call. Please, use this telephone number: 050227836 (Sergey - dance teacher),0509408087 (Kim - owner of Step by Step dance studio. Our e-mail address: [email removed], [email removed], [email removed] or simply visit our web-site:

    My best regards,
    Sergey Vasilyev.

    23 Oct 2007, 10:05 Sergey
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  • Salsa lessons

    I would like more information about salsa lessons.
    Haydar from Turkey

    Ali haydar Evrenosoglu 25 Mar 2008, 05:17 - Report
  • Latin Dance

    Hi Sergey,
    I may be travelling and staying in Dubai in the future and would like to continue my hobby in latin dance. I studied latin under the NATD method (National Association of Teachers of Dancing) - how different are the different methods (IDTA and IDSF) - and what are the approximate costs involved?

    Wanazlina (Malaysia)

    Wanazlina Merican 26 May 2008, 07:40 - Report
  • helloooo

    i know more information about waltz and tango and rock and roll plz

    basel kamouh 11 Jan 2009, 09:10 - Report
  • Sergey

    sergey's number is missing a digit, please correct so we can call him.

    Rich 21 Jan 2009, 08:05 - Report
  • rich?

    would you all think it would be beneficial to feature sergey's services on our website? our audience is specifically looking for this kind of good stuff!

    sunil 31 Jan 2009, 10:26 - Report
  • Question

    Can you tell me please the location of the school , cause the web page doesn´t work!!
    Thank you
    [email removed]

    Dania 23 Feb 2009, 05:05 - Report
  • Dance sports

    are you teaching the dance sports? like jive samba rumba chacha plz answer me

    Cathy 04 Mar 2009, 04:30 - Report
  • Answer

    The dance school is based in Um Suqueim and is now being run by me (Jackie). We offer all IDTA Ballroom & Latin American tuition.

    Please contact me for further details:
    050 227 5255
    [email removed]

    Jackie 08 Mar 2009, 08:44 - Report
  • Jive classes

    Hi please can you tell me if there are any jive classes available preferbly personal classes as we dont want to join a group.
    [email removed]

    andy 20 Mar 2009, 07:48 - Report
  • Hi

    I am really interested in ballroom dancing..could you please tell me where, how to join and how much would it cost me?
    Thank you so much!
    More power!

    [email removed]

    Vangie 12 Jul 2009, 05:33 - Report
  • Looking to obtain a latin/ ballroom teaching diploma

    Hello. I am interested to pursue a teaching diploma in latin dance. Could you let me know how I would go about this/ how much it would cost me etc? I have a good background in ballet, modern and tap. I am aware both are completely different techniques and am currently based in Cape Town and taking classes there. Looking forward to your reply on how I can move forward.

    Mirelle Merritt 16 Jul 2009, 03:04 - Report
  • wedding dance

    Hi, My fiance and myself would like to learn / frshen up our dancing - we are getting married in a few months.

    Please send us the dance classes you offer, the schedule and prices.

    Thanks a lot

    [email removed]

    Katharina 18 Jul 2009, 06:40 - Report
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