• Imelda B. Marcelo, 29 years old, Filipino citizen in the Philippines, next month I will visit Dubai and will search job. I have graduated college taking up BS-Accountancy. My experience in my present employer here in the Philippines excel my profession. I perform as Human Resource Personnel, Purchasing, Admin. officer and Accountant for almost 6 years. I'm excellent in computer and typing. I'm industrious, hardworking and trustworthy.
    Please help me find job there...thank you
    Please email me at

    14 Apr 2007, 11:42 Mhel
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  • Hi Imelda

    Hi. Just an advice, if your intending to go here next month as a tourist please bear in mind that finding a job here in Dubai isn't easy. Especially during summer which usually starts from May to November. The reason why I am saying this is that a lot of filipinos are lured to go here thinking that they would easily find a job and a high-salary but once they're here, they would soon realized the real score of life here. I am not discouraging you to come here, instead just be very careful on trusting somebody whom you think can help you, some of our kababayans here those that are greedy, are making 'profits' by mean of enticing filipinos from the philippines to come here for a visit in exchange with a promised of finding hi-paying job easily for sum amount of money..SO JUST BE VERY CAREFUL..YOU'LL KNOW EVERYTHING ONCE YOU'RE HERE! GOODLUCK!

    Englishman 15 Apr 2007, 06:47 - Report
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