Choosing the the best school for your kids

Public versus private education

Choosing the the best school for your kids

What sets private and public schools apart in Ecuador is not so much the quality or experience of teachers themselves, but the resources available to students.

Whereas private schools might have computers in every classroom and in some cases state-of-the-art facilities, public schools’ limited funding precludes much of this.

One thing those with children attending public schools will have to contend with are frequent strikes. Public school teachers’ pay is low, and regular industrial action is the norm. As wages in private schools are supplemented by fees paid by parents, this isn’t an issue for wealthier families.

It’s often said that public schools, despite their shortcomings, have a higher standard of discipline and while students aren’t unruly as such, private school teachers often complain of being unable to instill similar levels of discipline among their students.

The major advantage of public education is that it’s completely free, though many expats may weigh this against the quality delivered. The number of students getting higher grades and moving on to higher education is much more encouraging from private schools.

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