The Egyptian Job Market

Jobs for foreigners in Egypt

The Egyptian Job Market

There are opportunities for foreigners throughout the Egyptian job market, especially in writing, development and teaching.

Unemployment is high in Egypt, especially for skilled positions. Many educated Egyptians do not find jobs equal to their qualifications, and many more do not earn enough and must work a second job. In Cairo, it is not uncommon to have a teacher or professor as a cab driver. Even still, there is a niche in Egypt for foreign workers, especially in the following sectors.

Writing, editing and translation

Many Egyptian companies need native English speakers to polish up their material, and there are numerous English-language publications, including magazines and newspapers. While a background in writing or journalism is certainly preferable, impeccable credentials are hardly an absolute requirement.

Development and aid

Egypt has one of the largest refugee populations in the world, and only 5% of its population is considered middle class or above. Egypt’s proximity to the Gaza Strip and the Sudan also makes it home to numerous displaced persons. Numerous development organizations exist – some that focus on Egypt specifically and others that reach across the Middle East. The job search in the development and NGO field can be extremely competitive, however, so it’s best to focus on this area if you have an educational or employment background in the field.


As with most developing countries, English teachers are in demand in Egypt. Make sure to acquire the proper certifications if you plan to look for teaching work, and working knowledge of Arabic is a major advantage (in some cases it may be a requirement).

Finance and investment

Egypt is an emerging market country, and as such it is constantly courting foreign investment (foreign investors are eligible for residence permits under Egyptian immigration law). In order to break into this field, however, you will need either a large amount of venture capital or a background in finance.

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