International calls

How to make international calls from Egypt

International calls

International calling is expensive, and the Egyptian government recently announced it would be blocking voice internet programs such as Skype.

Use of voice over internet protocols (VOIP) such as Skype  is now technically illegal in Egypt. The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) recently blocked access to Skype and other voice chat programs in hopes of boosting state-owned Telecom Egypt’s international calling revenues.

You may still be able to access lesser-known VOIP services, however - it depends entirely on what the NTRA has and has not managed to block. Give it a try anyway. If you find a service that works it will certainly save you some money.

The Magic Jack

There is a USB device called a Magic Jack that you can purchase at electronic stores that will allow you to make cheap internet phone calls through your computer. It works by assigning your computer a local number in your country of choice and making a call that way. In many cases a Magic Jack purchase will include a period of free use, with the USB device itself usually costing around USD30.

Traditional international calling

If you don’t mind ponying up the cash for international rates, you may obviously make international calls using your home or mobile phone. You will need to dial the country code of the call destination prior to the rest of the number.

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