Private treatment

Private health care in Finland

Private treatment

The Finnish private health care system represents a very small part of the country’s overall health care system. Its general purpose is to complement the services already available under the public health care system.

The private health sector in Finland is growing, though there are presently still only a small number of private hospitals in the country. These hospitals are usually located in and around Finland’s main cities.

The public health insurance system in Finland (Kela) reimburses a certain percentage of the fees paid by patients for private health care. Fees that qualify for reimbursement include:

  • Treatment from a private doctor
  • Costs of prescribed medicine
  • Travel costs related to private health care
  • Private dental treatment
  • Physiotherapy

Patients are initially required to pay their private health care fees either independently or through their own private insurance policy. Once this payment has been made the patient can then apply for reimbursement through Kela.

Occupational health services

Employers in Finland are legally obliged to provide occupational health services for their employees, likewise with educational institutions and their staff and students. Such health services are funded by the companies themselves, though they do receive partial reimbursement from Kela.

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