Language tests

Finnish language proficiency

Language tests

National Certificates of Language Proficiency are tests that assess an adult’s competence in the key areas of learning another language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The tests  can be taken in Finnish and are widely accepted as a proof of your Finnish skills, though there are a range of other languages that you can take the test in too.

What are the tests for?

This system was developed by the Finnish National Board of Education and the University of Jyväskylä in order to provide a certificate of language proficiency that is recognised on a European level. Once you have acquired a certificate it is particularly useful for educational, job applications, or applying for your Finnish citizenship .

There are different levels at which you can take the tests, ranging from basic knowledge up to almost complete proficiency. You can choose the level you enter according to a six-step language proficiency scale.

Who can take the tests?

The tests are intended for adults, irrespective of where they obtained their language skills. There is no specific age restriction on who can take the tests, though some assignments require that a candidate can draw on past experiences, which may prove difficult for those under the age of 15.

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