Fixed telephony

Making a call and getting a phone line

Fixed telephony

The principles of making calls in Finland are similar to most European countries. Service is usually efficient and free of hassle while the telephone networks are fast and well maintained.

Finnish fixed phone lines have specific area codes, listed below:

02 Turku and Pori
03 Häme
05 Kymi
06 Vaasa
08 Oulu
09 Helsinki
013 Pohjois-Karjala
014 Keski-Suomi
015 Mikkeli
016 Lappi
017 Kuopio
018 Ahvenanmaa (Åland)
019 Uusimaa

To call Finland from abroad you need to know the international access code +358.

Getting a phone line in Finland

The principle providers of fixed line services in Finland are the Elisa Communications Group and TeliaSonera Finland. The cost of having a fixed line reactivated is around 100 Euro, with an extra charge if a technician has to come out to you. Once the line is established you can expect to pay around 15 Euro a month for line rental in addition to any calls made. A standard local call will cost 12 cents connection fee and a further 1 cent per minute beyond that.

Public telephones in Finland are no longer common because they are not profitable. If you cannot find one of those still remaining you can make calls from hotels as well as post and tele offices.

Finland telephone listings

16100 is a Finnish number search directory that is available at a small charge. Information can either be received via SMS or by calling the service directly. Detailed information on how to use the 16100 facility can be found at their website . It is worth noting that free to call numbers generally start 0800, whereas premium rate lines begin 0700 or 0600.

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