EU citizens moving to France

Future registration required?

EU citizens moving to France

In the past, EU nationals were required to apply for a residence permit to stay in France for longer than 3 months. Such permits no longer apply to certain nationals of the EU. However, registration at your local Mairie, may become obligatory in the future.

Residence permits or permis de séjour are no longer a legal requirement for the original members of the European Union and two of the new member states: Cyprus and Malta. Nationals from Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA) member states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) also do not need a residence permit.

However, it is still a requirement for eight of the new EU member states, (Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia) to apply for a residence permit.

It is important to note that an EU citizen’s non-EU/EEA spouse and dependent family members may live in France, but within 2 months of arriving, they must apply for a residence permit.

Possible future registration

Any EU/EEA national moving to France must carry a valid passport or Identity Card. Rules may be shortly introduced stating that after 3 months, EU citizens must declare themselves a resident, after moving to France. You must consult your local Mairie (town hall) to find out if you are expected to register.

If so, you must report to the town hall with a proof of ID and address, within 3 months of arriving in France. You will be issued with a receipt of your registration: attestation d’enregistrement. You may also apply for a residence permit, but this is optional, and as stated before, no longer obligatory for certain EU/EEA nationals. If registration becomes obligatory, nationals who do not register with their town hall upon arrival in France may be issued with a fine.

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