French courses in Paris

  • I need to find a cheap french course in Paris. Any recommendations?

    02 Oct 2004, 02:58 Anonymous
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  • Same here.

    I am staying for 6 months and would like to learn as much as possible from the beautiful french language as possible.

    Anonymous 27 Oct 2004, 09:17 - Report
  • Alliance Francaise

    I hear the Alliance Francaise is very good. I also heard it is very expensive though!

    Anonymous 27 Oct 2004, 09:27 - Report
  • Just talk!

    Hi, one of the best ways to learn french is by talking it. I have been in France 9yrs now, and the way that I really learnt how to speak was from talking french to French people. If you have basic knowledge of the french language, rather than trying to find a costly course, try looking for people who are interested in exchanging conversation (échange de conversation) An hour or two, a couple of times a week (you may find a couple of different people to exchange with) in a relaxed atmostphere (bar, cafe, pub...) will help you tremendously. Try looking for ads in universities or in international magazines (FUSAC, for example)

    Anonymous 03 Dec 2004, 11:08 - Report
  • alliance

    Hi, I would recommend you the alliance française. There is a wide range of courses at different times and the courses are pretty helpful. I agree about the prices but it depends on what you can spend really.... It's around 160-200 per month

    Anonymous 16 Feb 2005, 10:59 - Report
  • practice your french with french people!

    If you want to have a best french you just have to practice it, the Alliance is really a good way but you must pay. If you find out some french people you must to make some exchanges of conversations.
    I'm looking for english people in Paris to have some of this exchanges, perhaps are you interested? I think it's the best way to improve your languague, and i can help you by this way in french...

    Anonymous 07 Oct 2005, 10:35 - Report
  • find cheapest french language school in paris

    If you have any information about cheap french language school in PARIS.. please send me an e-mail at;;
    [email removed]

    I would be very grateful to you if you do me this favour..!!!

    AADITYA 08 May 2008, 12:26 - Report
  • I'm looking for a cheap school on the seacoast

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to take a French course in the summer for a couple of weeks. And since I'm going to combine with my first vacation in years, I was hoping to find a language school somewhere in Southern France close to the beach))
    Being tensely poor at the moment, I can't afford to pay much..

    Anyway, if you have any ideas, please let me know.
    I'd really appreciate any help.

    [email removed]

    Sofia 27 May 2008, 10:59 - Report
  • looking for cheap courses in Paris

    I would like to find some cheap courses for beginers. I do not want to spend lots of money for courses. Im moving to Paris after new year. Need to organize everything. Is there someone who could give me some advice please. Thanks 16 Nov 2008, 01:23 - Report
  • Same as everybody else

    i'm planning a trip to France next year and i want to learn french but don't have a lot of money to spend. Please send me any info to [email removed]. I'll be very grateful! 30 Nov 2008, 02:44 - Report
  • primary stase

    i m looking for a frence language course in paris.

    Bipasha 08 Jan 2009, 03:18 - Report
  • Langue Onze PARIS

    HAVE A LOOK on this website, one of my friend went to this school and he was very happy about it!

    clio 31 Jan 2009, 03:06 - Report
  • langue onze paris

    I confirm ! my boyfriend and I we're mexican, and we studied in this small school and we was very effective !! all the staf is very good. We speak all time in french in class, in very small group and it was very funny to know a lot of people of every where !

    lupe 31 Jan 2009, 07:03 - Report
  • mr

    hi,guys,i was wondering if u could suggest me smth, is it possible to get a job in france while studying,plz reply me at
    [email removed]

    mansur 08 Feb 2009, 06:43 - Report

    I Know a very good school : the name is L'atelier 9, I think it's a very good opportunity to learn french. There are only 5 or 6 students per classe and the price is very atractive.

    Link :

    Gerry 27 Mar 2009, 12:26 - Report
  • Langue Onze : a french school friendly, warm and inexpensive !

    I know the Alliance française school, because I tried to learn french !!! but it was no easy in big group (18 students in my class and with different level) !!
    So now I'm in a little school very friendly and I can talk a lot : now in my class we're only 5 students and all the people are very cool !!!
    I recommand Langue Onze ! For me it's the best !
    hasta luego

    Carmen, de BArcelona 29 Apr 2009, 02:56 - Report
  • French Lessons in Paris

    I recommend my private tutor, she is fun, friendly and very professional.

    Linda 11 May 2009, 03:44 - Report
  • english/french tandem


    My name's Violaine, i'm French and live in Paris. I would like to find some native english speakers wanting to spend some hours to speak in english and french to improve our languages.


    [email removed]

    Violaine 12 May 2009, 12:03 - Report
  • english/french exchange

    Hey Violaine... ill be going to the alliance francaise this summer to study french but i would love to gain some additional help in exchange for some english tutoring... add me on facebook if u have it.... "leyber cedeno"... any other person who is willing to exchange some english/french let me know aswell =]

    Leyber Cedeno 20 May 2009, 01:02 - Report
  • L'Atelier 9

    It's a great school, I studied there for 2 months and I made enormous progress with the language, we had a lot of conversation and since the groups are small we were able to participate actively. The teachers are very professional and the atmosphere is just what I needed to feel comfortable with speaking the language. The cultural activities are great for the immersion in the language.

    Will Stokes 20 May 2009, 03:19 - Report
  • english/french exchange

    Hi Violaine,
    I'm have been living in Paris for 3 months learning French. I'm an English girl and would be interested in french/english exchange to improve our languages. I'm on facebook under 'Helen Walker' or search by my email '[email removed]'...

    Helen Walker 04 Jun 2009, 01:55 - Report
  • english/french exchange

    Just realised I wrote that message too quickly, should have wrote 'I have been'...whoops!

    Helen Walker 04 Jun 2009, 01:58 - Report
  • studing French in Reims or Paris

    Hello All,

    I am tring to find an intensive french course during the August 2009 in Reims or in Paris.
    If someone has an information about not very expensive courses please send me the info to:
    [email removed]
    Thank you

    Jessy 06 Jul 2009, 03:59 - Report
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