Cheap calls to México

  • Hi! I'm calling a lot to México and the phone bills are getting to big!! Does anyone have a good idea on how I could save some money and make cheaper calls?

    04 Nov 2004, 02:01 Anonymous
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  • how about local call charge ?

    Check at you will pay local call charge (1.8 cts/min off peak or 3.4cts/min peak) using their 0811 65 75 75 number calling mexico and 100+ other countries
    It works !!

    Anonymous 04 Jan 2005, 12:19 - Report
  • PinPlan has good rates

    Check out http;// They have good rates to Mexico and have live customer service that will take your order on the phone 1-888-697-4696. Or you can order on line.

    i use the rechargeable program. you can register for Pinless dialing which will recognize your phone number and skip the need to enter that annoying long 10 digit pin.

    Good luck.

    Anonymous 25 Feb 2005, 12:03 - Report
  • cannot be beat

    They have the cheapest rates
    No connection fee
    No mantanence fee
    No commitment
    Always nearest minute rounding
    Pin free dialing
    Online account management
    Speed dialing!!

    Check them out.

    Anonymous 26 May 2005, 02:42 - Report
  • Best calling card

    www.WORLDCHEAPCALLS.COM best card ever

    Anonymous 12 Jul 2005, 02:28 - Report
  • A phone card made in heaven:

    Try to call Mexico.

    Good website for International calling card.

    Real low rates for Mexico.

    Flat-rates, no extra charges, no taxes, no hassles.

    5$ FREE on sign-up !

    And you will love the PIN-less number dialing feature with shortcuts for frequent called numbers

    Anonymous 21 Jul 2005, 07:43 - Report
  • is the best

    1.9 cents domestic USA/CANADA
    I LOVE the online account management, SPEED DIALING and NO PINS EVER!
    I call home for 3 cents a minute, no connection fees/maintenance fees and nearest minute rounding!
    I used to go to the local convenience store to buy prepaids, but all the extra fees drove almost drove me crazy.. a 2 hour card was really worth an hour…what a scam.
    I also got 368 minutes free on sign up! I think you can get up to 450 or so depending on the plan. The call quality has been great too. I suggest everyone check them out..
    This is the best international calling card ever!
    Absolutely no fees and the lowest rates means you're callingforcheap!

    Anonymous 30 Jul 2005, 03:15 - Report
  • TEL3ADVANTAGE cheap calls from USA and Canada

    Anonymous 31 Mar 2006, 09:56 - Report
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    try this. even directly from your French mobile:
    $0.045/min to Mexico City
    $0.10/min to other cities
    $0.16/min to Mobile phones in Mexico

    Yifat 16 Jun 2008, 10:37 - Report
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