How can I save money on calls from france?

  • How can I save money when calling the United States from France? Please can anyone give me suggestions?

    27 Oct 2004, 09:34 Anonymous
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    Go to Google and Search for TELECONNECT which offers better rates than FT and a Happy Hour of your choice during which time further discounted rates are available.

    Also, if your computer has a sound card you can receive calls and make them through a system called SKYPE. Euros gets you cheap calls and PC to PC is F R E E so get to it!

    Let me know if you locate new cheap telephone calls though.

    Anonymous 03 Jan 2005, 10:03 - Report
  • Calling international from france at local call charge or cheaper

    Best of the best for calling abroad from France : check using their 0811 number you can call over 100 countries paying local call charge i.e 3.4 cts/min during peak hour and 1.8cts/min off peak hour.... there are other 08xx numbers for the other countries at higher but competitive charges..

    To call western Europe, North America and deregularised parts of Asia, you may be able to find as cheap as 1cts a minute at or other country-specialised providers !!

    Anonymous 04 Jan 2005, 11:58 - Report
  • Saving money on calls from the UK

    I doubt these numbers work in France but if you are in the UK I found this web site :

    I use it to call to France and it works very well.

    Anonymous 31 Jan 2005, 12:08 - Report
  • cheap calls from France

    Hi go to, cheapest I've seen justjoined them as it halved the bill

    Anonymous 18 Feb 2005, 06:26 - Report
  • offers good rates

    I've been using thee guys since 2003. They have competitive rates and live customer service. check them out at or call them toll-free at 888-697-4696. They'll walk you through it and even take your order on the phone.

    Good luck.

    Anonymous 25 Feb 2005, 12:01 - Report
  • atencion

    killo ¿¿ a qui no hay gente española omarroqui o que pasa ?? me gustaria saber si conoceis a gente de francia me gustaria aprender frances y la mejor forma es hablar con gente francesa si me podeis ayudar llamadme x fi vivo en españa

    Anonymous 14 Mar 2005, 01:21 - Report
  • atencion

    soy ana se me olvido poner mi telefono 618188778

    Anonymous 14 Mar 2005, 01:24 - Report
  • calls from france

    Check these sites to call inter national calls from france

    Anonymous 29 Mar 2005, 01:00 - Report
  • You can use this method... U will not regrette!!

    I found this website called

    The thing u do is pay a bit of money n they give u this phone. U only pay 4.95 US every month and pay for ur calls for a cheap price. Example calls to France is only 0.044 per min or France- mobile is 0.240 per min.

    Oh yeah, u also get back your money and more if u subcribe to this service n tell ur friends bout it. They give u $100 per person n some more things.

    For more info go to the website above.

    Anonymous 01 Apr 2005, 05:30 - Report
  • My suggestion for call very cheap is ...

    My suggestion for call very cheap is : ...

    Mad.Gaffet H
    French Canadien in France

    Anonymous 02 Apr 2005, 12:05 - Report
  • call the world at local rate from France

    You can call USA, UK, Canada and many other destinations at a local rate with les Minutes direct

    No registration, no prepaid card, to make a call you just dial 0811 654 111 then your correspondant phone number.

    Calls to 0811 654 111 will be charged at a national rate by France telecom ( 1.4ct per min off peak and 2.8ct per min at peak hours )

    To get futher information :

    Anonymous 12 Apr 2005, 01:49 - Report
  • Lowest rate

    After looking at all of the names offered here, I found that "lesminutes" offers the best rate.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Anonymous 13 Apr 2005, 08:17 - Report
  • Good service

    I use and it has good rates and high quality calls

    Francois 20 Jan 2009, 01:23 - Report
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