Finding somewhere to live and buying a car are often the top two priorities for diplomatic and embassy staff when they begin their posting. As a maker of luxury cars, Volvo realized the potential of this high-end niche market as far back as 1956, and the long running Diplomat Sales scheme was launched. Today we have a global organization with certified Diplomat sales agents located around the world.

Your benefits

  • Exclusive pricing for diplomats and international organisations
  • Cars for private and official use
  • Variety of global specifications and models
  • Custom-build your new Volvo
  • Dedicated and experienced diplomat sales organisation
  • Worldwide delivery and service network
  • Option of VIP factory delivery in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • International warranties
  • Round-the-clock roadside assistance in Europe
  • Swedish export registration (where required)
  • Home shipment for US and Canada specification cars
  • Serving the diplomatic community for more than 50 years

Who is eligible?

We are privileged to serve tax-free personnel at:

  • Embassies / Consulates
  • United Nations (Main org, UNESCO, IBRD, World Bank etc)
  • European Union (commission, parliament, institutions, agencies etc)
  • International organizations (NATO, OECD etc)

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