Why use a Moving Company?

Make your move as smooth possible

Why use a Moving Company?

An international moving company can help you plan and execute your move: from deciding what to take with you to ensuring all your products are adequately insured. The alternative is doing it yourself, which can save money, but a lot of people underestimate how complicated it can get.

A lot of expats opt to use an international moving company  when moving to Germany, here are some of the main reasons why.


A good movers' experience means they know how to pack and ship valuable and fragile items, as well as larger objects and furniture; making sure everything gets there in one piece.

Rules and regulations

German customs have certain rules concerning what you can bring into the country and what import taxes you need to pay . International moving companies are familiar with these regulations: they know what you can bring and can take care of the necessary forms.


A professional moving company will provide insurance for all of your goods and possessions during the moving process.

Storage solutions

Taking everything with you when move is not always practical or necessary, but that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of what you leave behind. International moving companies offer multiple storage options so your valuables can be kept safe until you return home.

Extra relocation services

A lot of moving companies offer additional services that can help you before and after you move. These services can assist you in renting or selling your existing house, help you find a new house in Germany and, if needed, temporary accommodation when you first move. Some may also offer specialised services to help with pet relocation.

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